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  1. MaineDad

    K321 TDC piston position

    The aftermarket points push rod was longer than the OEM. Put the old OEM back in and works fine.
  2. MaineDad

    K321 TDC piston position

    Figured it out
  3. MaineDad

    K321 TDC piston position

  4. MaineDad

    K321 TDC piston position

    Guys,Has anyone ever had a K Series Kohler where the piston has actually just started back down the cylinder about a 1/2" where the points open the fullest at TDC?The cam and crank are lined up correctly too. All of the other Kohlers I rebuilt don't do this like this K321 does. Just curious.
  5. MaineDad

    K321 #7 Head Bolt

    Thanks guys!
  6. MaineDad

    K321 #7 Head Bolt

    Guys, I don't recall seeing this before, but does anyone else have a K321 where the threads (hole) of head bolt #7 in the torque sequence go straight into the exhaust port? I picked up one and I can stick a screwdriver into that hole and see it if I look up into the exhaust port with the muffler removed. Thanks, Micah
  7. So as mentioned above, if you do this upgrade on a 1977 C series, you will not have room for the battery and tray that was originally bolted right to the frame between the steering block and engine. So what I chose to do was to cut off the bolts on the battery tray and drill two new holes that match up with the bolts for the lift cable tube on top of the transmission; As you can see there is plenty of room under the seat. I went to Napa and bought two 2 gauge (red and black) 42" battery cables for $9 each. Installed everything back together and fired right up. I'll take better pictures later if the dang sun actually comes out.
  8. Ok. Update. As instructed I had to drill the extra two holes. No problem except that the battery tray no longer fits between the engine and the steering block with this new set up. So, I am going to upgrade to an automotive battery and put it in the weight box in some type of marine box with a cover. Will take pictures tomorrow.
  9. Tomorrow Darren and I are going to upgrade my 1977 C-120 with the Ark Loader to the gear reduction / forward swept axle setup; Any insight or tips before we start? Any custom work needed? Its a dedicated loader tractor so the bellcrank and lift arm have been removed. Thanks in advance and of course I will post some pictures.
  10. MaineDad

    Semi-sad day

    Put in on a trailer and drag it to Maine. Plenty of snow on the ground with more to come tonight. We are "Vacationland" and we'd appreciate your patronage. 😃
  11. MaineDad

    Sick of snow

    Blizzard warning here now for Sunday with two feet of snow possible. Another system next Tuesday. I'm done!
  12. MaineDad

    Sick of snow

    "Uncle" I said "Uncle"