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  1. Cleaverkid

    Middle spindle bad?????

    Well, I finally had time to pull the deck back off the 416-8 last weekend. Thanks for all of your suggestions, but believe it or not, once I had it off, the issue became VERY apparent. OLDLINEMAN hit the nail on the head with this one! Somehow, the middle spindle jamnut on top was missing! Don't ask me how that happened, but since my uncle was just using this for a leaf-collection device for a few years, I'm guessing he had no clue it was gone. So a quick trip to the local hardware store and the deck is back in running condition. Unfortunately, when I sat down on the seat to start it, I discovered the battery was dead...so it's been sitting on a trickle charger for a couple of days. Hopefully, Saturday will be good day to try her out! Thanks again!
  2. Cleaverkid

    Middle spindle bad?????

    Thanks guys! Hopefully, this weekend I'll have time to pull this deck and have a closer look. But from what I saw, it didn't look like the spindle was moving, just the shaft. So a missing spacer might be the most likely culprit. So it sounds like rebuilding a spindle is maybe better, cheaper than just buying a whole new spindle? This is when I really wish I had a bigger shop!!! I really appreciate the comments/suggestions!
  3. Cleaverkid

    Middle spindle bad?????

    Thanks for the suggestions! Dropping the deck is definitely next on the agenda, just need to find the time. My fear, though, is that it's the whole shaft moving since I can also see the pulley on top moving in unison when I move the blade up and down. The plating idea is a good one! I may just try that since I don't have ready access to a welder.
  4. Hi guys! Love lurking on this site cause you all know so much about these cool red tractors. I need a little help or advice. I have a 416-8 with a 42" SD deck (05-42sm2, I think. No model/serial tags on the shell) I inherited from an uncle that's been sitting in my garage for the past year. I pulled the deck off and cleaned it up, sharpened the blades, squirted grease in all three spindles, then remounted it. I was checking the level and height of the blades with it resting on the garage floor but mounted to the tractor and noticed that the middle blade was hanging a good inch lower then the outer 2 blades. I reached in and discovered that the shaft will slide real easily up and down this full inch...and I can see the pulley on the top moving, so I know it's the whole shaft moving. I had run out of time then to dismount it again to see further what was going on, but thought I'd see what you're collective opinion is to what's wrong. Do I have a bearing problem? Should I just plan to replace the spindle? Or is there possibly a missing spacer or nut that might just be gone? By the way, I also noticed that there's two cracks (3 inches or so) on the deck shell above the rear mounting brackes for the hanger system. What's the chances of being able to repair (weld) those? I know he had only used this for several years to mow/bag leaves in the "back 40" woods behind his house, so I doubt he even noticed if something was broke. And no, I didn't even think to take pictures while I was working on this, so sorry. I know how you guys love pictures! Thanks for your advice! Joe
  5. Cleaverkid

    Embarrassing question

    First of all, thank you all for clarifiying my dilemma! I figured it was something stupid, but never too embarrassed to ask! Oh, and as far as that green thing in the background, that's not mine...these pics were taken at my uncle's barn. My aunt seemed to think the green thing was better/easier to use than the Wheel Horse, but believe me, I tried to convince her otherwise. Not because I wanted the JD, but I just hated to take the good equipment and leave her with green junk. Like I always say "Nothing runs like a Deere...being chased by a Horse!" Thanks again guys, and next time I'll try just following the instructions everyone so diligently posts on here before trying to over-think it!
  6. Cleaverkid

    Embarrassing question

    Thanks Coach! I saw this thread before I sent my question, so I guess I'm still missing something. I understand everything listed, but isn't there still a step to somehow get the lift handle mechanism disconnected from the deck? I see a chain connected to the mower that is obviously running up inside the sheetmetal. Do I just disconnect that at the mower? I know I'm making this WAY harder than it really is, so what am I missing? Joe
  7. Cleaverkid

    Embarrassing question

    Hi guys! I'm embarrassed to ask what is probably a really simple question, but I just acquired my deceased uncle's 1995 416-8 with a 48" SD mower deck and a 42" snow plow. Since my other herd consisted of 2 older steads plus a 99 Toro 15-38hxi wannabe, I'm a little stumped as to the proper process to dismount this mower deck. The Attach-a-matic works great, but the lift lever mechanism has been fully enclosed apparently on these newer machines, so I don't see a clear way to get the lift mechanism disengaged from the lifter chain. Is the only option to just disconnect the chain where it connects to the mower? My other 2 (854 & '69 GT-14) both have solid rods/bars running from the attachment up to the lift mechanism. All I had to do was reach in, pull a cotter pin and pop it off. I downloaded every manual I could find from this site, but nothing seems to reference this question directly. For those who just want to know the details...this thing is relatively clean, the hour meter shows 673 hours, and it has the Onan P216 engine on it. Seems to fun fine except boy does this mower deck load up the engine briefly when the PTO is engaged. And I'm going to need some practice using the clutch to keep from doing wheelies each time I stop and start again! Here's a few pics. I'm guessing the shield over the engine was to keep excess grass/leaves out of the fan??? My aunt says he only used it to vacuum leaves in the back woods each fall. Thanks for your help/advice! As always, you guys rock! Joe
  8. Cleaverkid

    Amp Meter Bouncing

    I've got an 864 with the original starter/generator and voltage regulator on top. My meter does the same thing. I've discovered that if I put my hand firmly on the voltage regulator and push down hard the bouncing stops and the meter acts normal. So I'm guessing I've got some sort of grounding issue, but so far I haven't figured out what needs to be grounded to what. Tried just running a solid wire from the base of the v.r. to ground, but that didn't do it, so I'm wondering if there's something internal on the v.r. that's not making good ground. Maybe that's someplace for you to start. Joe
  9. Cleaverkid

    Another GT-14 snow plow question

    Thanks for the reply! That's kinda what I was afraid of. So what's the best alternative? Do I look around for a used snowblower, do I look for a different plow, or do I sell the GT-14 and buy a tractor that will fit the snowplow I already have? Thanks again for the advice! You guys are awesome!
  10. I'm thinking pretty seriously about pulling my snow plow off of my 854 and putting it on my GT-14. What sort of issues will I run into? Will that plow even fit the GT-14? Will the axle mount from my 854 work on the GT-14 or will I need to find a specific GT-14 mount? I know someone's going to ask me which plow I have but all I can say is from what I've found on here, it's apparently not the extended frame but not the original "older" one, either. Does that make sense? Just looking for some recommendations and the like from you wiser ones! I'm doing this because my 854 is promised to my 2yr old grandson when momma finally says he's old enough to sit on it! So I've got a year or two to make this happen.
  11. Cleaverkid

    856 at an auction

    Hey guys, sorry if this is the wrong place to put this, and admins please move this to wherever it belongs. Anyway, I'm just wondering if anyone on this forum happend to have picked up an 856 from a church auction outside of Greentown, IN today (Sept. 7). I've got a real personal interest in this tractor and just found out late this afternoon that it was even being auctioned off today. Needless to say, I wanted to be at that auction, but wasn't told about it beforehand. If you know about it, or saw it, please let me know. Joe
  12. Cleaverkid

    Carb cleaner soaker name?

    Just like my old high school chemistry teacher kept saying....the single problem with discovering the "universal solvent" is "what do you keep it in"? Berryman's the best! But tell me this, folks....with today's stupid "tree-hugger" laws about disposal and such, what do you do with the old stuff once it's no good to you anymore?
  13. Cleaverkid

    Cecil Pond News Article

    Thanks for sharing Scott! As was already stated...RIP Mr. Pond!
  14. Man I want one of those! Very nice setup, HankB!!! If I ever get the college loans for the kids paid off and then two weddings covered, maybe I'll buy me of those someday! :hide:
  15. Cleaverkid

    just spotted this...

    Thanks for the reply, Scott! I knew I'd seen that somewhere but just couldn't place it and the "turtletown" name just didn't ring a bell. Guess I'm going to have to take a drive up to Busco again someday soon!