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  1. N3PUY

    518-H runs then stalls

    Stuff in the fuel tank getting sucked into the outlet screen and plugging it. ?????? 😧
  2. N3PUY

    Hot Engine slowly dying after PTO engaged

    Check the battery voltage before and after engaging the PTO. Low voltage will cause poor engine performance.
  3. N3PUY

    brake band

    I see Grice Gun Shop every day. I work right around the corner. We lease a building from them.
  4. N3PUY

    brake band

    I got the leather at Goodwill. Found an old , thick leather belt.
  5. N3PUY

    brake band

    I didn't bond it to the brake drum.... I clamped it around a brake drum so that it had the correct curve. And the leather really stops the tractor! Tires slide! Yeah…. I noticed one different letter in the callsign as I hit the send button! (look twice, send once!) I only have my 1st radio TS450S and a TH7DX.
  6. N3PUY

    brake band

    JB Weld and clamped it to the brake drum to dry.
  7. With a test light start at the battery and probe each connection along the wiring diagram..... you must have the key in the "start" position.
  8. Look at the "starter motor circuit" diagram...….. the oil switch and the brake switch are NOT part of the "start" circuit.
  9. N3PUY

    brake band

    I relined mine with a piece if leather!
  10. Print the "starter motor circuit" from the file above. Looking at the diagram from the battery there are 2 circuits required to start. First circuit is 12v purple wire to a relay... always HOT. The other circuit is 12v to a FUSE, then to IGNITION SWITCH, then to tan wire to SWITCHING RELAY, then to ground. Be sure to check the GROUND wires. Also from the ign switch ORANGE wire to SEAT SWITCH, Then Brown wire to NEUTRAL SW, then Purple wire to PTO SW, then LT BLUE wire to SWITCHING RELAY, then DK BLUE wire to START RELAY and then to ground. Check the GROUND connections. ………….. When you turn the key to START both the ORANGE and the TAN wires at the ignition switch should be 12v. It's probably easiest to use a test light.
  11. When the relay "clicks" does the LT BLUE wire have 12v? Check it near the relay and at the body side of the 9-pin connector. Looking at the wiring diagram there are 2 LT BLUE wires on the relay but for different circuits. Choose the one going to the starter. While at the relay the RED wire is B+ and should be 12v all the time. A possibility is the RED wire is corroded off at the fuse block.
  12. First of all.... is the blade disengaged?? Do any of the idiot lights come on when trying to start? Also check the connection of the wire thru the 9-pin connector going from body to engine.
  13. What kind of mower did you say this is?
  14. N3PUY

    engine stops

    My guess is the body to engine wiring connector. The contact for the ignition is not making good contact. Look at a wiring diagram and see which wire it is and tighten the female contact in the connector .... do it to all of them.