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  1. bitten

    310-8 hiccup

    I would try Sea-foam first.
  2. bitten

    New C195 owner

    Here is were Im at. Put a fresh battery in and nothing. Found the wiring harness is a mess and will have to deal with that. Will need to study the wiring diagram and make a new wiring harness for it. I need to pull the tins off of the motor and take it to the car wash. My dog tells me there is or has been something living in the old girl very recently. The dog would not leave the deck area. So a good cleaning is in order. Looking in my paper work there is no C195 built in '83. The '82 model number is followed by the '84 model number. Am i missing something?
  3. bitten

    New C195 owner

    OK and thank you guys, I Feel better now. Im at the point to start the old girl. No gas in the tank that I could see looking down the filler neck. Im thinking a new battery some gas and make sure there is oil in it and try to start it. If it runs then I will spend some money and time on a complete tune up. Wish me luck.
  4. bitten

    New C195 owner

    Thank you Garry. I will look through these and see if I can find it. Ran the numbers and I have a 1982 model.
  5. bitten

    New C195 owner

    Just picked up a super C last night. This has been on my bucket list for some time. The sellers son took it in on trade and they knew nothing about it. I havent looked the numbers up yet so I'm not sure what year it is. It didnt come with a three point hitch or rear PTO. Went to pick it up and the seller rolled it out of its hiding place like it was nothing. I looked and could not find a tow relief valve on it and almost passed on the deal, but didnt. My first question ( as Im sure I will have more) is there a relief valve on the Eaton's in the C195's or should they be easy to roll?
  6. bitten

    Help wanted with Kohler K582s

    Just the first thing I thought of. I have seen spark without running changed the coil and running. The first thing I would do is clean the carb like you have planned. Hopefully that takes care of it. Check your points for cleanliness and proper gap. Good Luck with it.
  7. bitten

    Help wanted with Kohler K582s

  8. bitten

    520-8 pto arm clevis

    TSC has them.
  9. No I don't. The terminals are called Packard 56 I believe. Just ask the guy that has been there for awhile and he should be able to look it up in his book. I got one there about a year or two ago so I know they have them, or can get them. Good luck with your project and keep the pictures coming.
  10. You can get the plastic 5 prong plug for your ignition switch and the terminals at NAPA.
  11. bitten


    Never heard of a stick on a GT14, other that what someone has made.
  12. bitten

    D-200 with everything, $1800 - Good buy?

    Check what has already been said. Here are a couple things I would keep in mind. Check the PTO clutch, can be expensive to fix. Should be easy to do with the tiller on the back, just try the tiller out in some dirt. If it slips it just might need adjusted, but if not it can be a chore to rebuild it. Make sure all the parts are there for the attachments. If you do not know look in the manual section and that should help you out. If anything have the seller hook things up to see if they work. The front blade is not the one that goes with this unit, weather or not it has been modified to work is something that I would have the seller show me how to hook it up. I have a D200 and I can assure you that they are a beast, does a real nice job plowing snow and tilling the garden. Although $1800 isn't cheap its not bad for what you are getting. Good Luck.
  13. bitten

    New arrival.. Wheel Horse D-200

    For the noise in the rear end I used Mobil synthetic 10w30 oil in mine and it helped a lot.
  14. bitten

    Scored a wheel horse snow cab!

    I love mine. Its for my D200 and it makes a big difference with the wind. One of these days I will figure out how to get some heat in it.
  15. bitten

    1969 Charger 10 working again!

    How much have you been able to lift with it? Looks like it would be useful.