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    previous tractor: 68 Electro 12
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  1. Eric Capozzi

    White Wall tires. 1968 Indy 500

    I purchased one not too long ago. Model No 1-3631 Serial No 490447 for the list
  2. Eric Capozzi

    White Wall tires. 1968 Indy 500

    I just purchased one from a member, m/n 1-7931 s/n 469411 with white wall tires. Someone has painted it and dressed it with the wrong decals. This one will be a work in progress with an almost close restore to the way they were at Indy.
  3. Eric Capozzi

    500 special near to me

    Already shopping
  4. Eric Capozzi

    500 special near to me

    Someone painted the one I just bought, it looks to be several years ago but the stickers have paint on them and I noticed a paint line and two different reds. I’m kinda OCD when it comes to things like that.
  5. Eric Capozzi

    500 special near to me

    Racinbob that’s a nice machine you got there. I just bought a 500 yesterday. The owner says he bought it off the original dealer 22 years ago but it appears some things have been changed before he got it. I have a few things to find to make it “right” whatever that is
  6. Eric Capozzi

    Allis Chalmers 710, Simplicity, & Lawnboy GT18H

    unfortunately I didnt grab any pics while I was there. They were in a dark barn. I think Im gonna try to offer $300 for the whole bunch.
  7. I have a guy that has an Allis Chalmers 710, an older Simplicity(16900479) not sure of which model and a Lawnboy GT18H. They have been sittin gfor a few years but for the most part all look complete. I need to figure out what these things are worth. I know that its only worth what someone is willing to pay for it but I will basically turn and sell 2 of them. Does anyone know a good starting price to offer him. Im sure all will need batteries, all will need carbs rebuilt and possibly more(points and such) Please help me....Thanks, Eric
  8. Eric Capozzi

    68 Electro 12 project

    So just an update on the Electro. I finally got everything freed up. All the handles work great. Looking to buy a throttle and choke set because the old ones are trashed. Not sure if the hydro works yet but it does still have an original Wheel Horse filter on the Trans. I thought that was awesome. But it's gonna have to be changed I'm sure. The governor gear shaft is bent a little, not sure if it's supposed to be like that or not. Computer crashed but I will post more pics soon.
  9. Hey vinylguy. Could you make a package for my 68 Electro 12? I noticed you have dash and side decals all in one package but not for Electro 12...Thanks, Eric
  10. Eric Capozzi

    68 Electro 12 project

    well I got the clutch freed up, hopefully its salvageable. Only problem is the clutch still wont come off....I guess time will tell
  11. Eric Capozzi

    68 Electro 12 project

    There's a guy here local that has a 41" deck....most likely a 42" deck he wants $150 for it. It is in fairly decent shape.
  12. Eric Capozzi

    68 Electro 12 project

    Thank you, looking forward to doing this project. I'm considering a complete rebuild of the k301 that's on it. Original owner used it to mow up until 2010, a guy bought it to restore and never touched it, just left it outside. No deck, no plow or anything just the tractor. I am wondering what the original size deck came on it. I've got the original manual and sales receipt. The guy couldn't find it but has now found it and is mailing it all to me.
  13. Eric Capozzi

    68 Electro 12 project

    I will definitely post more pics
  14. Eric Capozzi

    68 Electro 12 project

    yeah I've been using some Ion activated penetrating oil, liquid torch and PB... Tried using the 5/8" x 11 bolt they tell you to use and so far no luck. This is my first restoration of anything. The metal is pitted real bad so I took the hood off and gave to my buddy to work on, hes a body guy so hopefully it will come out good. Thank you. Proud to have just bought my first Wheel Horse.