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  1. Everything is avaliable thru JD. Just look it up for a 300 thru 316 series
  2. On the 96, 1st I'd check, is the screen thats inside the tank connected to the fuel shut off. That screen is so fine, you probably will have a hard time telling its clogged until you pull it out of the grommet. They are readily avaliable & don' t cost much to replace. Good luck
  3. wh79d160

    D-180 hydraulic steering

    The idea sounds good. As far as your Ross steering goes. You can get all the replacement parts thru JD. Try tightening the worm gear stud. Loosen the 2 jam nuts. There is a slot for a screw driver on the end of it. Turn it 1/4 turn clock wise & check it. If you need more then turn it in1/2 turn increments after that. When you get it where u want it, tighten the 2 jam nuts back down.
  4. wh79d160


    I drove 10 hrs to get one with 85 hrs on it or 20hrs if i can believe the PO about the " kid was playin on it & left the key on" " dog ate my home work" ect.etc. Gotta just wait it out, they'll show up
  5. wh79d160

    Can't find seat part

    Try Napa. Haven't worked there for 15 years but we used to sell those as universal radiator mounts. Pretty sure they would work for that.
  6. wh79d160

    30' Plus.... Having fun in the snow...

    Not a face booker. Part of my witness protection agreement.
  7. wh79d160

    Snow Blower on Gravel

    1st of all, Happy New Year!!! I've been watchin all the cool blower videos you've been posting. I've noticed some of them are used on gravel drives. I always assumed these could only be used on concrete/ blacktop as rocks could get caught in the auger breakin shear pins or causing dmg to the blower. How many of you use your blowers on gravel ? Are there any tricks or things that need to be set up differently? I'm always lookin for a reason to buy more WH attachments. Thanks
  8. wh79d160

    commando 8 snow blowing

    Steve, nice little rig. Looks like fun. I wish I had less Gravel & more blacktop/concrete. Where did you say you got that muffler??
  9. Do you have a foreign tractor dealer there?? You should be able to get them from John Deere. They used Ross in the 200 & 300 series b4 power steering (318-420) Not sure what tractor you have but D's are the same as 316 JD.,,,
  10. wh79d160

    plowin tractor

    It's kind of like runnin your boat across the lake. You want the boat to have the least drag possible. If the front is to high, you're porpousing, or bouncing across the lake. If the front is too low, your forcing the boat down into the water & just plowing. You want it to ride smoothly with as little drag as possible. Adjust your hitch so it has plenty of down travel with the highest setting so the plow is just out of the ground high enough that you don't scrape any thing while you are towing it. The plow angle should be set so it pulls its self down into the ground & levels out. If it wants to keep going to China, crank it out so the blade angle isn't so steep. This may take a couple passes until you find the "sweet spot', but once you do, lock it down & put some tape around the crank so you won't have to worry about someone messing with it & it will be ready for next time. Also write down or take a picture of what slots you used for the chain on the sleeve hitch so you can get it set right next time also. Another thing one of my farmer friends told me is to keep the plow blade polished. The smoother it is, the easier the furrow will roll off it.
  11. wh79d160


    , Weight bracket for the front attach-a-matic to hang my suit case weights on. Only need one weight for plowing the garden.
  12. wh79d160


    , Rake, made it about 3 years ago & it's still going strong. I put a hitch on the back of it so I can hook up my lawn sweeper to it so I can dethatch & pick up @ the same time. Also works good for making seed beds, leveling food plots, garden , working in seed beds ect.
  13. wh79d160

    Calling all loader tractors.

    Mr. May 2010
  14. wh79d160

    plowin tractor

    , Made a new weight bracket for the front of the 417-8 to attach to the attach-a-matic bracket to see if I could keep the front end on the ground plowing the garden this year. Happy to say it worked great. Had to give it a bath so I thought I'd take some pics & see if I could still remember how to post them. Had some trouble but Tyson refreshed my memory. Thanks Tyson