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  1. Edmckna

    A-100 Engine Re-Power/Replacement

    My brother ended up purchasing a 14HP Briggs. The engine is identical to the one listed below. Apparently, it came out of a Cub LT1018. Wiring diagrams can be a bit of a pain to find online and "complete" wiring harnesses don't seem to encompass everything that would expect to see, ie: solenoid, kill sensors. Any advice? https://www.ebay.com/itm/287707-0153-Briggs-And-Stratton-I-C-14HP-Engine-Vertical-Shaft-Single-Cylinder/292406717117?epid=6010775281&hash=item4414cc6abd:g:23kAAOSwOYFaWYfM That's been my experience as well. We're into the Sears Tractors and the markup online for some of these parts in the past 4-5 years is amazing.
  2. Edmckna

    A-100 Engine Re-Power/Replacement

    That's been my experience as well. We're into the Sears Tractors and the markup online for some of these parts in the past 4-5 years is amazing.
  3. Edmckna

    A-100 Engine Re-Power/Replacement

    Thanks @Sarge , I just messaged @A-Z Tractor!!!!!! I agree and we're hoping just to breathe some new life into this old workhorse. Thanks again.
  4. Hi @A-Z Tractor, my brother @Joemckna82 and I are trying to locate a motor for our Wheel Horse 1976 A-100 tractor. The existing engine was scrapped and the body fully restored. A Vertical Shaft engine (preferably a Briggs), 9-14HP. From what we can gather the shaft size is 1inch X 3-5/32. Anything available? Thanks!

  5. Edmckna

    A-100 Engine Re-Power/Replacement

    Found two that actually don't look half bad. I'll have to see if they're to tall and whether the Cub Briggs is 1 inch x 5/32. https://www.ebay.com/itm/CUB-CADET-lt1018-LT-1018-1000-SERIES-BRIGGS-OHV-I-C-QUIET-14-5HP-VERTICAL-SHAFT/263277654813?epid=23007790738&hash=item3d4c92331d:g:wSEAAOSwc6pZ7k2K https://www.ebay.com/itm/287707-Briggs-Stratton-I-C-14-5HP-Engine-Vertical-Shaft-Single-Cylinder-1259E1/372105326940?epid=1610377061&hash=item56a334b15c:g:o0gAAOSwU8JZqy6U
  6. Edmckna

    A-100 Engine Re-Power/Replacement

    Good points guys and I'd rather go with a Briggs if I could actually find one (used) online. Anything good currently out there? Thanks again.
  7. Edmckna

    A-100 Engine Re-Power/Replacement

    Hi guys, I took a look online and it looks as though a Tecumseh Enduro (OHV16-204230F) might be a solid replacement. The weldment and housing cover are almost identical to the existing engine. The 1in. X 3/52 shaft recommendation looks accurate. We're going to check the pulley size with a caliper. Any other engines (currently available) with this specific size? Electric start would be a great option and we wouldn't need more than 12HP. Not looking to bust the bank. Definitely some solid engines available, but for some of those prices, we could buy a brand new tractor. Just trying to breathe a little life into a tractor that's ready to roll! Thanks.
  8. Edmckna

    A100 Swap

    Looks almost identical to the one I had on it. The original deck was RD. I wonder how good of a cut (clumping) you get out of a RD cut.
  9. Edmckna

    A100 Swap

    Thanks for the info. and parts # list! Are these decks readily available, ie: parts, etc. ? I know that some riders depreciate a little more than others.
  10. Edmckna

    A100 Swap

    The restoration on my A-100 is complete. Unfortunately, the mower deck isn't going to be salvageable. From what I've read and seen online (or lack there of), finding a replacement deck isn't going to be easy. Ebay has little to nothing listed online and a Google Search (even sifting through other Whee Horse Forums) came up empty. If I was to try to save the deck I'd need new Mandrels (all of them are frozen) and a few odds and ends on top of the fact that the deck skin is full of mushy rust holes. Ideas?