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  1. Chevydave

    swisstrac, deck size

    Looks like the deck height adjustment wheels might be further apart on the rear discharge deck, 520 wheels on the rear of my 416-8 with a 42SD didn't work.
  2. Chevydave

    I had "One of those days" today

    I have been there...
  3. Chevydave

    Confession of Previous Sins

    I've got (1) tractor, bought new in '89. My beloved 416-8. Sorry to say the Onan is but a distant memory, re-powered with the GX-670 Honda about 5 years ago. Never spent a night outside still looks good. It truly shows no signs of giving up, figure it will outlast me now. Take care of it, it will take care of you. Good luck
  4. Chevydave

    Confession of Previous Sins

    Looks like an awesome 2nd chance. Good luck.
  5. Chevydave

    520H front tires

    "Inexpensive/great deal.... cheap is a whole different thing. Looks great!
  6. Chevydave

    520H front tires

    Go with the matching size you have in a V-61 5 rib and you will not be disappointed, my original tires ( 416-8 ) "bounced" when I hit a root. With the V-61 with about 10psi stay planted. Bought them to help with snow blowing, haven't tried that yet. They have been great on the damp turf.
  7. Chevydave

    Soot all over tractor.

    I have the same problem here in NE Ohio. I removed the side cover and replaced the clutch idler, took the deck off for complete cleaning and blade sharpening. Inspected belts and a good once over for anything that could be rubbing. Mowed approx. 1-1/2 acre and there it was just like before. It blows right off with compressed air.
  8. Chevydave

    A beer and a Wheel Horse...

    that's the reason why you've got a hydro right? A skilled man can drink and shift... LOL
  9. Chevydave

    A beer and a Wheel Horse...

    If set up correctly, you should be able to drive in the garage and grab a cold one without getting off the seat!
  10. Chevydave

    New Mower Decks

    Have you considered buying a new deck shell? You can coat it, swap the guts from your existing, and have a virtually new deck for the price of a quality used one. I did so several years ago. I had my old shell repaired then coated it and I keep it as a spare.
  11. Chevydave

    What was your first wheel horse?

    ​Those honda engines are nice and quiet. Mows and snow blows like a champ, no regrets on money spent. Only having one and expecting it to do everything is pretty tough on the machine. After all these years it's always ready. Forgot to mention that it is also used for grading my driveway (mid mount) and small tilling jobs.
  12. Chevydave

    What was your first wheel horse?

    My first and only, a '89 416-8 that I bought brand new. Went through the 42 SD deck shell and the Onan motor. Now has a Honda. Used for mowing 2 acres and snow blowing. Bought a new pickup the same year that's long since gone.
  13. ​Wow, now you have me worried, do you have a photo or a diagram that shows the location of this zerk. My tractor is a '89 416-8. I grease regularly but did not know there was a zerk there!