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    I am into collecting and restoring Wheel Horse Tractors. I love the challenge of finding a machine in need of help, and bringing it back to its prime.<br>The machines I have found over the years and have kept are,<br><br>1979 D250 with 60in deck and fron

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  1. Rideawaysenior

    44in 2 Stage Blower parts questions

    Scott Willey, Sent you a message to your in box with the part numbers. Jack
  2. Rideawaysenior

    Sarà un wheel horse?

    Ciao e benvenuti al forum. Il trattore è dotato di una ruota di cavallo tag di identificazione su di esso ma nulla è elencato sul sito web di Toro. Il cofano è simile a un cavallo ruota tuttavia il motore e la trasmissione combinazione non è uno che ruota cavallo ha utilizzato per la mia conoscenza. È possibile che qualcuno potrebbe aver aggiunto il tag o adattato il tosaerba attrezzo per montare il trattore. Indipendentemente, è una bella macchina. Jack Translated = Hello and welcome to the forum. Your tractor has a Wheel Horse identification tag on it however nothing is listed on the Toro Website. The bonnet looks like a Wheel Horse however the engine and transmission combination is not one that Wheel Horse has used to my knowledge. It is possible that someone may have added the tag or adapted the mower implement to fit the tractor. Regardless, it is a nice looking machine. ( I spent many years after college between Italy, Germany and France so learning the language was a must. LOL) Jack
  3. Rideawaysenior

    44in 2 Stage Blower parts questions

    WVhillbilly, thanks for the response. I did that, I should have been a little more direct. I was more curious to see if they were Toro proprietary just like the carrier bearing in the transmissions. I googled the parts and found all but one that's backordered. I'm going to see if I can get them off the machine tomorrow and go to a local driveline supply shop and see of he can hook me up. Now that I know they are all off the shelf parts except the tensioner, I should be good to go. Jack
  4. So, heavy wet snow today is right. I had my 2 stage blower hooked to my 416-8 and I worked the hell out of that tractor today. So much so that the rebuild I was planning for the summer will be happening this weekend. It appears as the drive sprockets, chain and tensioner need to be replaced. The parts are available from Toro however some are back ordered. Has anyone used any different suppliers? I usually use a 40HP Massey Ferguson with a rear mounted blower and nothing throws snow like a diesel but I gotta say that 416 with the 44in is amazing. So much so, I want it ready for the next storm. Thanks all, Jack
  5. Rideawaysenior

    Lift lever question

    I guess by looking at the diagrams, on page 27, the lift arm part number 1 and the roll shaft part 46 are my issue. In the diagram, I'm not seeing how that they are joined.
  6. Rideawaysenior

    Lift lever question

    Looked at the diagrams too. The lift lever moves but the trunion an trunion shaft do not. It looks like the arm is pressed onto the shaft. To clarify, the arm I am referring to is the manual lift lever. Not the little arm on the underside of the tractor that connects to the plow and blower lifts. When looking at the arm diagram, there is a roll pin shown at the bottom of the handle but it doesn't show if it acts as a linkage between the two. I was hoping someone had the same issue at some point, knowing it's a simple mechanism, I know there is not much to it other than it's going to need to be welded or I have a broken key that isn't indicated on the parts list which I'm pretty sure if there were a key on this part, it would be listed. There is that roll pin shown but with the loads those snow blowers can add, I'm thinking the roll pin wouldn't be used in this application.
  7. Rideawaysenior

    Bearing Help needed

    Ed, Best suggestion I have is to take the old bearing and take a ride to Springfield, MA to EB Atmus. It's not exactly in your back yard but not that far either. I just rebuilt my deck on the charger 10 and the spindle bearings cost me about $25 each and they have them on the shelf. Jack
  8. Rideawaysenior

    Lift lever question

    The lift arm is probably the only thing I've never disassembled. I've been messing with these tractors since I was 8. That gives me about 40 years lol. God I'm old. Lol.
  9. Rideawaysenior

    Lift lever question

    No, no. The dial a height is adjusted to allow full travel. There is definitely an issue with the lift arm connecting with the trunion shaft.
  10. Rideawaysenior

    Lift lever question

    I have a 1988 312-8 with a manual lift lever. The lever handle moves but the lift trunion remains in its position when an attachment is connected. Is the lever press fitted onto the trunion shaft? I looked at the diagrams on Toros site but can't tell. Anyone else have a similar issue? Jack
  11. Rideawaysenior

    Back and semi active after 4 years

    953 Nut, I can accommodate. I've got a few pieces that need to be dusted off but pics can be had as soon as this nor-easter blows through. While this "big" storm has the horses stables, I can give you a rundown of what's in the inventory. 420-LSE Suburban 551 Charger V8 Kohler 1076 Lawn Ranger Charger 10 308-8 312-8 416-8 B-80 signed by the man Cecil Pond at the last show he attended before he passed. C-81 I had gotten away from the smaller machines and was toying with the bigger ones antique green on the farm scale. My daughter has after me telling her my story of wheel horse indoctrination at a young age as my grandfather was a dealer, started seeing my appreciation for them. A lot of which revolves around the fond memories. She asked if we could maybe get one for her that we work on together so while she has plenty of mine to ride around on, we are now on the hunt. She as a kid is shooting big, wanting a Senior. I'm ready to jump if I find one close enough but she's been looking at the literature I've collected over the years and is also really liking the round hoods so either way, no doubt there will be a daddy daughter road trip coming up soon to get her first very own.
  12. Rideawaysenior

    Back and semi active after 4 years

    So, i was just looking at my last post and noticed that before this year, my last was in 2014. I've just been reviewing the site and WOW, has it grown and it's even more amazing to see the collecting has reached the height it has. Wheel Horse has always been near and dear to me especially as a young child. What a great group that has gathered here. The group was great before with no doubt but the wealth of helpful people and information is amazing. Anyway, it's great to be back and a great big hello to the great people I already know on here and another hello to those I've yet to meet. Jack
  13. Rideawaysenior

    2 stage snow blower

    Prior to the 44in, BerVac made a two stage that Wheel Horse used in the early to mid 1980s. The BerVac I recall being 38in. and was a beast. BerVac is a Canadian manufacturing company that specializes in snow removal equipment and is to this day an allied equipment supplier.
  14. Rideawaysenior


    It'll plow and blow snow just fine. The trans is a lighter duty than the 300, 400 series. These were designed as yard tractors, a step down from garden tractors. In the early 1980s Wheel Horse had 200 series lawn tractors with the cast aluminum peerless rearends that accepted tiller attachments. Like the previous posters mentioned, it's a light duty machine. Don't expect to push tons of gravel and stone but light snow should be no problem. Biggest thing with a hydro is allowing it to warm up before use. The 250 series uses an Eaton 7 hydro which is used in the 516-H, 518-H and some 312-A and 314-A models coupled to a Peerless 1300 cast aluminum housing. These are pretty reputable final drives compared to the ones used on the 200 series however not recommended for heavy ground engaging work.
  15. Rideawaysenior

    ID these attachments?

    Just picked up a NOS disc set from 1975 according to the model number.