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  1. wallfish

    What is this drill used for

    A Dentist drill
  2. wallfish

    Tractor saw mill

    LoL I switched it from a large horizontal circular blade without and guards to a band saw because that was a little scary Hence the "gives me dumb ideas" comment.
  3. wallfish

    C120 drive belt and clutch

    The slack created in the belt when the pedal is pushed is to allow the belt to slip on the engine pulley. The belt guard helps support and guide the belt to do this. If you tried without the belt guard installed, try installing it.
  4. wallfish

    Tractor saw mill

    Stuff like this always gives me dumb ideas and food for thought on trying to figure out solutions. How about frame with a band saw that rides on rails but it's powered by a tractor and you can get some seat time driving it back and forth to cut the stationary logs. Obviously there is a bit more engineering involved but...
  5. wallfish

    Uneven operation

    Usually if the hub is spinning on the axle, it should be loose and it wouldn't be locked on by rust. If your hubs are locked on that tight, it's my guess that the keys and slots are probably good. Have you been able to address the belt replacement? Not a bad time to look at those pulleys as well.
  6. wallfish

    Front end loader

    Hope this helps Use this pump https://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/NTESearch?storeId=6970&ipp=48&Ntt=.517+pump cylinders, valve, hoses, fittings ect. https://www.surpluscenter.com/Hydraulics/ Basic FEL plans
  7. wallfish

    Uneven operation

    Remove both of the hubs and inspect them for damage in the key slot.
  8. wallfish

    Uneven operation

    Not necessarily when it comes to the condition you're describing. Lurching in forward and reverse. It's possible it could be the belt (which also acts as your clutch. The belt and pedal mechanism is designed to allow the belt to slip around the engine pulley which then acts as a clutch) Not sure which particular part you ordered as a clutch. Check both rear axle hubs for worn key slots. If one or both of the key way slots in either hub is worn and wollowed out, it will cause the exact condition you're describing. Basically what happens is the axle spins inside the hub until it catches the key on the wollowed out slot. This will cause the lurching effect in both directions of travel because of the sudden engagement.
  9. wallfish

    Zagray Museum Fall Show 10/6-7/18

    All in all a pretty good day down at Zags yesterday. @Sparky hooked me up with another 8 speed trans for a possible future build and he even bought lunch! Thanks Sparks! Can't beat that deal with a stick. Tony, @Docwheelhorse caught me and Russ siphoning his gas tank since I drove mine until empty. That'll teach him not to park his tractor and walk away. LoL. Also had some wires smoke when a tab on the S/G regulator grounded out. Scored some small miscellaneous stuff but there didn't seem to be as much WH stuff there as usual.
  10. wallfish

    Zagray Museum Fall Show 10/6-7/18

    I'll bring what I have. I do have some 2" pipe. If anyone can use any 3" PVC pipe, let me know and it's yours. No full 10ft pieces but there's plenty of 2-4 ft.
  11. wallfish

    857 starts but won't run

    Once had a problem like that with old gas. It was new gas to me and only a couple of days old but after pulling my hair out for a day on one engine, it was noticed when the second one had the same problem right after filling the tank. Take a look at the condenser too. - side of the coil and grounded. Usually an engine will idle with a bad condenser but will not throttle up at all
  12. wallfish

    Zagray Museum Fall Show 10/6-7/18

    Oooooo, both of you guys are now on my insult radar!
  13. wallfish


    Exactly. If it runs well when the choke is adjusted then you are effectively matching the air intake volume with the amount of fuel volume. Too much air is being pulled in when the choke is completely open. Carb adjustment? Air leak around throttle shaft or mounting gasket? With engine running spray some carb cleaner directly to the area at the throttle shaft, then directly on the gasket. If rpm changes at all then it is sucking it in and you have identified where the air is leaking in. Float setting? Dirty carb? clogged or weak fuel delivery from tank to carb. (fuel pump, clogged cap vent, clogged filter, clogged fuel line, ect. ????)
  14. wallfish

    1055 Drive Belt Falling Off

    Noticed in your 1st post you stated it's "your puller" you can use a larger spring for more belt tension if you think it's slipping under heavy load
  15. wallfish

    Custom drink cups

    Perfect! Pm me the bill and I'll get that out right away. Did you ever receive that collector card?