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  1. Good artists borrow. Great artists steal.
  2. TJ

    Had a visitor today

    Glad you are OK, but from now on keep your house out of traffic.
  3. TJ

    Proud Dad

    I thank all of you for your kind remarks. I can tell you that my son is as kind and as gentle a man as you would ever want to meet but when called on, he can be as tough and as hard as nails. He is a better man than his dad. Thanks, again: Tom
  4. It has been my son's dream since he was twelve years old, to be an Officer in the Marine Corp. Yesterday, my son, Jeff, was promoted from Staff Sargent, to 2nd Lieutenant, USMC. First salute as an officer from his dad. 2nd Lt. Jeffrey Thomas Evans, USMC.
  5. Lou Reed - Walk On The Wild Side:
  6. Evanescence - Bring Me To Life: LInkin Park - Numb:
  7. Jane's Addiction - Jane Says: Monster Magnet - Space Lord: