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  1. steamdriven23

    1967 Wheel Horse 657

    Hey gang, I have a 1967 Wheel Horse 657 for sale in excellent condition. It is 90% original, including tires and paint. Just had the engine rebuilt two months ago and it runs and mows great. Has a 6hp Tecumseh engine. Would make a great weekly mower or show pony on and off the trailer for parades and antique shows. $700 OBO. Local pick up or delivery only, located in Mechanicsville, Virginia near Richmond, Virginia. Will not ship. Its wet in the pics because I just washed it, has never been left in the rain.
  2. steamdriven23

    GT-14 Steering

    Looks like you might be missing the little wire snap rings that go inside the socket end of the drag link.
  3. steamdriven23

    Steam Pageant pics day 2

    Looks like a good time! I love the big truck pics! . Thanks for sharing.
  4. steamdriven23

    Pics of my RJ35

    Awesome! I like that little machine
  5. steamdriven23

    haban sickle bar mower 414 gt 14

    I would love to see pics of the GT-14 with the mower bar installed! I was wondering if there was a bar mower for the GT14, I would like to get my hands on one.
  6. So has anyone completed a diesel swap in the GT14? I too have been kicking that idea around.
  7. steamdriven23

    C-145 basic paint job

    Looking Good!!!
  8. steamdriven23

    1054 wheel rim to gt14

    I would have to agree meadowfield! Then again the GT14 never did ride quite like a Cadillac.
  9. steamdriven23

    1054 wheel rim to gt14

    Neil, I too ran into that problem when searching for ag tires for my GT14, I finally found skid steer tires that worked in the size 27x8.5x15 mounted on the original GT Rims. So you may want to try searching for skid steer tires, they can be a bit pricey, I finally found a commercial tire dealer who saved me about $60 per tire which put the total at $100/tire. Hope this helps. John Here is what I found and used, brand new 27x8.5x15
  10. steamdriven23

    GT-14 and Tiller

    1970 GT-14 with the 36" tiller, turns the dirt into brown sugar! Pic is before the restoration of the GT.
  11. steamdriven23

    New guy in Virginia

    Yes this site has been extremely helpful for me too, good group of folks! Im in Mechanicsville, Va. so if you ever need a hand just let me know. Congrats on your new WH. John
  12. Does anyone know of a sickle bar or some sort of belt driven bush hog that would work with a GT-14?
  13. steamdriven23

    GT14 Hydro Tiller Pulley removal

    From what I remember when I changed out my single pulley for the double you have in the picture, I think since you have the set screws out you may need to soak the shaft the best you can with a PB Blast or some other penetrating oil and carefully use a gear puller on it. If you have the room remove the set screws all together and spray the penetrating oil down into the holes on the shaft. Good Luck!
  14. steamdriven23

    How to measure a GT-14 for a snow/dozer blade?

    Thank you Garry, that was very helpful. I am actually in the process of scouring through the manuals now. I feel more confident about making the long drive to pick up that blade, it will be well worth it in the long run. John
  15. Hi all, i have been looking for a snow/dozer blade for my GT-14 and I think I have found one. The guy says it fits on his GT-14 and other models, but doesn't have the model # for it. I was always under the impression that GT14 implements were GT14 specific. Its a pretty good drive for me to go get this thing so I was wondering where i should measure on my GT14 so i can compare to the blade when i get up there to look at it, just to make sure it will fit. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks in advance!