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  1. When i asked that question to Cecil Pond at the big show a few years back, he said " i have no idea, but when we made the move to the big factory, once we were in operation, we were crating one tractor every 3 minuets 5 days a week "
  2. trading1two

    Wallkill NY to the big show

    How big is this Tractor?
  3. trading1two

    Drive Belt for 1056

    Thank you very much!
  4. trading1two

    Drive Belt for 1056

    Can someone tell me the length ?
  5. trading1two

    Wheel Horse Trailer

    Does anyone have more information on this trailer ? Thanks, trading1two
  6. trading1two

    Wheel Horse Trailer

    I found this in a barn at a tag sale Saturday on my way to the show in Ct. Neeedless to say i was so excited that i never made it to the show. The woman i bought it from said her late husband had just finished restoring it . He passed away 3 weeks ago. And that he had bought it around 1960. It is in supurb condition, as i pulled both wheels off and the bearings were fine and loaded with grease. The only id i found was a manafactures tag welded on the steel under the rear frame.I can read the number 59-???? ( i think3015). Trailer bed tilts down by releasing a safety lock then pulling a small lever , on the draw-bar. (Silver) Draw-Bar also pivots 45 degrees left or right.
  7. trading1two

    Choke and Throttle Control

    Ok, 2 pictures posted, look above !
  8. trading1two

    Choke and Throttle Control

    Very good, you get one gold star ! Actually i posted the wrong picture ! If it makes you feel any better i will post a picture of my NOS nameplate!
  9. trading1two

    Choke and Throttle Control

    Here is a picture of the Choke and Throttle unit that has the NOS nameplate (not repro) that i will be taking to the WH Show. OK, Here are 2 pictures, how does that grab you ?
  10. trading1two

    Suburban International!

    David,again, Also i have a Hood with the original gas tank +bowl with shut-off and filter nice steering wheel, front tire and the choke and throttle control unit with an original name plate (NOS)this nameplate was in the large parts lot that i just purchased.and selling on ebay. I was going to take these prime ( and i mean really prime ) parts to the WH Show The Hood alone is in like new condition. No dents or cracks with correct decals. If i can figure out how to post pictures i will. David
  11. trading1two

    Suburban International!

    Lars, David here, I have a Suburban 400 and 550 the 550 has the original Lauson engine and hood stand This hood stand is just like yours, the reason it is shaped like that is so you can get at the front of the engine C arb and hook up throttle.+choke. The Suburban 400 and 550 use the same hood with the choke and throttle in the obolong hole under steering wheel. NOTE- I could ship the muffler and pipe +housing to where the crating is taking place.for a lot less. I would send tomorrow if you give me the address. Then i will adjust the Total price. . Regards, David
  12. trading1two

    Noisy Generator

    I ended up taking it apart and the bearings were in good condition, except they were dry. After packing them with grease and installing them WOW what a difference.! Thanks for the excellent advvice to all! David
  13. trading1two

    Noisy Generator

    Thanks for all the helpfull advice. I did not realize it would be that easy. I will be at the Wheel Horse Show along with this tractor ( which i will sell) and my real treasure 1 1960 Suburban 550. Regards, David
  14. trading1two

    Noisy Generator

    I have a Commando 8 with a very noisy Generator. Is it possible to lubricate the bearings ? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks, David
  15. trading1two

    Wheel Horse ID

    Also the original dash ( which is hard to see, on top of hood} has the red charging light lens- but no guts.) i am thinking maybe someone installed the ammeter as shown in picture!?!