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  1. Dieselcowboy

    Luason 551 carb

    Looked all over. I know I seen the replacement carb number on here somewhere for my luason on a 551. I believe it was a techy replacement as well? Anyone remember ?
  2. random thought.... I remember seeing a yard vac for a wh that was powered from the outside mower spindle. Can anyone identify what this is? And what the model is for it. Do they actually work ?
  3. Dieselcowboy

    Pull start 8 hp kohler

    Is it possible to take a starter/gen electric start engine and use it as a pull start only. What would have to be changed in order to do this ?
  4. Dieselcowboy

    Bachtold fence mower pic

    Here is what it looks like now. Next time I get it out ill see if the wife will video it.
  5. Dieselcowboy

    Bachtold fence mower pic

    Yes it does. OSHA would never approve of this dangurous machine today!
  6. Dieselcowboy

    Bachtold fence mower pic

    Mine is pretty worn. I really need a new blade but not like I use it daily. Lol. I have mounted mine on a round hood since the last pics. It works pretty well. These mowers don't chop like a mowing deck but rather cut the weeds at the bottom and drop them whole. I will defiantly get a few more pics of the mower for you. Nice score on a nos one ! So there is at least 2 of these in the world left.
  7. Dieselcowboy

    Gt 14 mower deck

    I think all the difference is on top of the deck in the mounting. If you had those brackets any deck from say a c series would work.
  8. Found all the 520-8's
  9. Dieselcowboy

    Ground speed of tractors

    Here is what it will be. The 753
  10. Dieselcowboy

    Ground speed of tractors

    My top choice to use is a 753 4 sp next is a C160 auto or a b-80 4 sp
  11. Dieselcowboy

    Ground speed of tractors

    Where could I find how fast a stock tractor goes? I'm wanting to spray with one of my horses and need to be in the 4.5 - 5 mph range
  12. Dieselcowboy

    Tillotson carb conversion?

    The 550 is a special application tractor. There isn't enough room for a normal straight carb to hang off the front that I know of because of the hood stand. I can get a pic tonight of a carb mounted on the tractor and one on the floor.
  13. Dieselcowboy

    Tillotson carb conversion?

    Surely I'm not the only one that has had troubles getting a suburban 550 going with its original engine. I do believe my troubles stem from the carb. Has anyone successfully found a different carb setup that could replace the tillotson updraft carb and fit correctly? I've been trying for several years to get this engine to run and I'm really getting friustrated with these luason engines.
  14. Dieselcowboy

    Lauson starter

    On this engine I've had 2 starters quit on me both were getting power and making ground . Are they just getting old and tired or what? I really never have this starter going bad problem on kohler engines,
  15. Dieselcowboy

    Lauson starter

    Wondering if anyone knows a place to get new or rebuilt starters for the Lauson or h55 techy ? Or if I could buy a rebuild kit and repair this starter myself. This is on a 550 suburban.