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  1. Thanks -but what I read shows what looks like the oil seal with diagram #4-20, however in the list it does not list 4-20. am I missing something here? I'm positive the hydro is #90-1136 and assumed the transmission was 5089
  2. I cannot believe I can't locate this on my own, stubborn I guess. But I need help- I'm looking for the rear axel oil seals for what I believe I have (no id tag). That is a 1973 12 hp Auto (1-0465) with 90-1136 Sunstrand hydro.. I thought )and ordered the SKF 11124 (wh # 6449). But went and pulled the old seal out today and it's almost 1/2" wide, so now I think the 11124 is wrong. Any help is appreciated.