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  1. Might be a little easier to find a 2 barrel carb off of a newer v-twin and go that route. Have a dual carb setup on my Artcic Cat Prowler and it was a royal pain to sync the carbs. Ended up having to get a vacuum gauge to make it run right. Could you elaborate a little more on the buttons? Never heard of them before and all I can picture is something like that old plumbers thread tape wrapped around the bottom of the piston
  2. diesel cowboy

    Beautiful collection...hope y'all enjoy

    Went out there with my dad back in 09. Well worth the trip. Made a few stops along the way out and back at the Auburn, Cord, Duesenburg museum, the Iowa 80 truck stop and trucking museum, the Freedom Rock in Greenfield, made a trip up to the Michigan Flywheelers show, and swung through Raveena and Solon Ohio
  3. diesel cowboy

    Kohler K fin count

    As far as I know it was on the 16s. They had either 12 or 13 fins. Not sure about rare but from what I've heard the 13 fin is prefered cause the block is thicker? Never had both sitting on a bench at the same time to measure the thickness so I'm not 100% sure about it
  4. diesel cowboy

    K181: RJ8C /J8C spark plugs

    If it was running fine with the old plug it kind of sounds like maybe its not firing all the time due to either the new plug being defective or needing new points/condensor and it allowed excess gas to build up in the intake and when it finally fired caused the backfire
  5. diesel cowboy

    8” Cast Iron Rims, Anyone Recognize Them

    Pretty sure those are off of a model T or 2 Rototiller or an early Troy-Bilt Horse. Found some pictures here: http://www.zucksrototillers.com/ROTOTILLER/Model T/index.html
  6. diesel cowboy


    I googled puffball mushroom and those are what showed up. Never knew that's what they looked like before they got to grey/black looking stage and have the dust in them. I see at least 3-4 a year around here going back at least 30 years, mostly in the apple to grapefruit size. Must have seen 15-20 of them this year at my grandmothers while I was mowing. Try hitting one with a mower and having it explode and send dust everywhere. Though for sure I smoked the belt a couple times when it happened.
  7. diesel cowboy

    How do you pick up / put down / move around your heavy engines?

    Guess I'm kind of spoiled. I have this available to pull engines Or as you can see pretty much anything I need to pick up to get underneath of. If I'm outside and need to pull an engine I use one of the loaders with a set of forks.
  8. diesel cowboy

    D-160 HELP!!!!!

    I'm not overly familiar with the quirks of the Onan's but when the Kohler twins do that it's usually the reed valve in the breather box has failed in some way. Or its way over full from gas getting in the oil. Stewart
  9. diesel cowboy

    Other brand pictures.

    Here's a few of mine. I have a lot more i don't have pictures of on this computer. Stewart Brillion Explorer GT-6 Stewart Doodlebug Sears Handiman Cub Cadet 882 Diesel and all my Speedex's If I run across anymore pictures of the other ones I'll add them later
  10. diesel cowboy

    Any guesses what this engine is?

    I'd say a K series Kohler twin. Either 482, 532, 582, or 662. Dipstick, exhaust manifold, ignition coil, governor, air cleaner, and points cover all look like Kohler to me
  11. diesel cowboy

    What is it?

    Kind of reminds me of the Simplicity Wonderboy missing the engine cover
  12. That turned out awesome
  13. diesel cowboy

    “The 582”—my red headed stepchild!

    It was due to the fact that at the same time the 82 series Cadets were coming out IH was releasing the 88 series farm tractors. They decided to redesign the Cadets to match the farm tractors and their sales promotion for the year was called America's Farming Heritage Comes Home to announce that the full line of tractors now looked almost the same from the 182 Cadet up to the 2+2 6588
  14. diesel cowboy

    What is it?????

    There was another one posted on here about three years ago that looks almost the same.
  15. diesel cowboy

    Bernardston Mass Show

    Its Pratt's Field 257 South St. Looking at the google map its right across from the Bernardston police station