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  1. Well its finally done (almost) lol.Ive been so busy with new job etc that it had to take a back seat for a while . The only thing I haven't done is a stack... which is coming ,so heres some pics.
  2. KATO

    414-8 only starts with gas in air cleaner

    They also were used on snowmobiles so any marina or place that sells recreational / power sport vehicle parts should have them
  3. Well I made some more progress in the last couple of weeks. The fender pan was badly cracked under where the seat mounts and the mount bracket was almost broke clean off but after a lot of finessing its usable again. Not so pretty under the seat but it will be covered. lol The hood was UUUUUUGLY, spent over 30 hours fixin it. There is still three very small dents in the seam at the front I couldn't get out. looks like someone was usin it for a battering ram. If I was closer to the parts supply I would have trashed it in a heartbeat, at least it was only my time and not a lot of money. Had to put front tires off my 70 raider on for now cause its getting heavy enough that it was startin to get tippy on that single front jack stand Im gonna have to get my tires on order soon and get the front rims bead blasted and painted. Next job I think is to make a wiring harness since he original one was non-existent.
  4. Little more progress. my before pics were blurry so none to show but heres some of the progress. the dash tower had one tab that bolts to the frame gone completely and the other one just about broke clean off. The belt guard was missing the tab where it bolts to the motor as well as the bottom belt guide tab,and both were dented up good, Their not perfect but their a hundred times better than they were lol. Got my box of goodies from daveoman (thank you sir).Im still not sure if im goin to be able to save some of the other parts but we'll see.The decals are on their way from Terry of course. I still need some more small NEW parts ,but they will get ordered soon . Hopefully it will be ready to go before the snow melts. The way the weathers been here that shouldn't be a problem .LOL
  5. That's what I thought at first but its quite stable (so far) lol
  6. LOL startin to look like somethin ...a ways to go yet though!
  7. KATO

    Where to start to get started

    Looks like a good tractor to start with to
  8. a little slow but More progress. its been so bloody cold here -32c(-25f) this morn, its hard to get the garage warm enough to paint with my little propane heater lol. Got the engine cleaned up and repainted . didn't need to tear it completely apart cause it ran good so just the tins etc ,removed flywheel and cyl head for bead blasting. A.few other small pieces done and installed. First coat on the rims and running boards painted cause they were in good shape and didn't need any fixin.
  9. Not sure what year your is but here's a link to a manual for the automatic version of the B165 which has the 10 inch rims . It looks like all of the B165 tractors had the key way machined into the rim so that means the rims from the Raider series and many others with separate hubs WILL NOT fit on your tractor. http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/files/download/3713-tractor-1982-b-165-twin-auto-da-tiplpdf/
  10. The biggest tire I've been able to find for those rims is 22x11-10 Carlisle turf masters Tucker tire has them on E-BAY for 168.00 US a pair,definitely bigger than what u have. Not sure about shipping across the pond but it wont be cheap. Im not familiar with that series of tractor so I don't know what other rims might fit that transaxle. and to
  11. Made SOME progress this week, After discovering the trans was in need of some attention. so i put in all new seals and bearings and of course I had to track down a cluster gear and both sliding gears. it was also missing both shift levers and the input pulley,(not sure why the previous owner removed then lost those) Thanks to Shuboxlover for those. Got a bunch more small parts on their way from Daveoman this week also. This poor tractor has been raped and pillaged something awful. LOL So as of now the tranny is in one piece again and bolted to the cleaned up frame.
  12. Some of you may remember this little guy that showed up in my driveway one day a couple of years ago while I was at work. Since he was missin several parts and not even sure if he ran or moved under his own power. I decided to just put him out back for now until I was really bored or something. Well i decided in the fall to take a look at him. He did come with a motor and it seems to run ok ...no smoke or strange noises so that's a good thing. Next up was the tranny...It seemed to work as it should so i thought "what the $#@" since these tractors aren't just layin around here ..at any price ! As it turns out the sheet metal is in BAAAD shape , only pieces that aren't dented ,cracked or broken completely are the running boards. Also the trans was not so good inside, i think the previous owner's thought it was a syncromesh LOL. He is also missin a number of small parts which some of i have already acquired from others,including at least 2 members here and there will be more im sure LOL.So the process of fixin all the years of abuse and neglect has begun (i must be nuts).
  13. KATO

    Battery size?

    I agree 100%