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  1. Brian1045

    rj58 Tranny lube

    Thank ya sir! :D
  2. Brian1045

    rj58 Tranny lube

    Hello all, It's been awhile since I've been on, but would anyone know off the top of their head the capacity of an rj58 rearend. I bought new lube and I don't want to under or over fill it. Thanks in advanced! Brian
  3. Brian1045

    Commando finished

    :scratchead: Nice Work!
  4. Brian1045


    Looking really good Jon, Being used to the older WH's there are more aggravating parts on the newer ones to restore. <_< Nice job regardless! :scratchead:
  5. Brian1045

    Gear Lube fill

    Thanks Karl...I think I found it. Good info here: http://www.wolverine-synthetics.com/pages/...lubrication.pdf
  6. Brian1045

    Gear Lube fill

    I've looked at the owners manuals for transmission #5003 (RJ58) but can't seem to find anything on how much gear lube to put in the rear end. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :scratchead:
  7. Brian1045

    Unexpected haul...

    Damn you Jon You are like the leprechaun at the end of the pot of gold. How do you do it? That 1045 seems to be all original, except for the seat. Nice find brotha!
  8. Brian1045

    Pulling rear hubs?

    I don't think he threaded the hub. It looks like he just put a 1" nut on it to hold it in place for leverage.
  9. Brian1045


    You guys are great!! Thanks for the responses
  10. Brian1045

    New Horse to the Herd!

    Most rims that style are 7.5"..those look like they may be a little deeper, like the 8.5" ones. I could be wrong on your rim size (they look deeper than 7.5"though) and they are better for larger tires, a lot of cub cadets used them too.
  11. Brian1045


    Thanks fellas! Since I just got laid off from my job , I figured I would buy myself something I've always wanted... to celebrate being broke and jobless in the near future.. I'll have plenty of time on my hands before I go back to school in January. I'll be sitting at home on my butt till then. So I'll definitely have time to tinker with it. :hide:
  12. Brian1045

    New Horse to the Herd!

    Are those the deeper 8" Rims? If so...definitely a nice score!
  13. Brian1045

    tgranthamfd's Suburban

    That horse is looking great!! I've enjoyed following your progress. :hide:
  14. Brian1045


    After talking with Stephen (Rollerman) over the course of a couple weeks. I decided to head North to check out his RJ-58. It was a 4 hr. drive I decided to take on alone. I loaded up the cd player, jumped in the pick-up and took off. I had an awesome trip by myself, eating, singing with the radio, some more eating, etc. but I am easily entertained. I'm not big on the fancy GPS's..So with the good ole trip odometer and Google maps I made it with no problem. Stephen showed me his collection of some sweet a** Wheel Horses. We rolled out the RJ fired her up and that's all I needed. She's mine! We chit-chatted for a bit and I decided to head out before it got to dark on me. I did hit a pretty good lightning and rain storm 1 hr. from home...but it was very calming and a good way to end a trip. It was very nice to meet you Stephen and I enjoyed myself very much. The RJ will be very well taken care of. I look forward to chatting with you again one day. Thanks again! Here's a couple of pics after unloading and putting her in the garage:
  15. Brian1045

    Hello to all

    :scratchead: Fellow Hoosier!