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  1. bj_

    Advice on rustproofing

    Fluid Film is a great product you just want to be get a good coat on and in voids like in the frame rails and in the doors. Amazon sells the spray guns and product to do it or around here it's $150 for the first time getting it sprayed. You can get it done for $100 around here too but they tend to scrimp on the product. I even have it on my plow tractor I use at church where we salt heavy to clean the walk ways and front of parking lot.
  2. bj_

    312-8 Tiller Question

    mines a 97-36tl01 it's a 1979. The difference in the older tillers themselves and the newer ones is where the lift attaches but if it's the older version there will be differences some of the other hardware as well which could get costly. If you look in the manuals at the tillers you can see the difference between the different lift styles. If the lift hardware looks exactly like the picture in gwest_ca post then it should work with your machine. When i went to buy one i put a wanted add on craigs list about this time of year and was surprised by the response. so if your not sure about this one I'd do that and see what comes to you.
  3. bj_

    312-8 Tiller Question

    I put my tiller on a 310-8 that has been repowered with a kohler 12hp and have never had an issue with power. I tilled close to an acre of new garden space with it one year and it did a great job. It's great to just sit and not to have to walk after a narrow tiller. If your going to be tilling on hills I would suggest putting weight on the front because with the tiller the front end gets pretty light headed up hill. I have had my tiller for 7 years now hand haven't ever regretted that purchase. If the one your looking at is coming off a hydro you will need the other size clevis that attaches to the cable to the lift. Good luck
  4. The plug is not at the lowest point when the tiller is down. the drain is on the front curve of the gear case so it drains when you lift it. If you just got it i would check the seals and change the oil cause you never know what the previous owner put in it. If the Xi is the same as the older ones it will have 2 seals on each side of the output shaft.
  5. I have a 1979 tiller on a mid 1980's 310-8 i don't remember the brace but i do know that it does not hit the hitch hub and i can lift pretty high. I shorten the the chain for long transport over rough ground and i haven't had any issues with bottoming out after four years and a lot of hours tilling. if you don't notch it you will have to remove the tiller to load.unless you have a very low trailer or very long ramp. I say that because once your friends and neighbors find out you have a 36 inch tiller you will get a lot of requests for help. Congrats on the tiller i am sure you will enjoy it.
  6. Thanks for your help. I just got it home and in the barn but I'm not as good of a negotiator as Cutlas3391 cause i paid $140. Its a beast, i had it driving through deep snow and over the piles from plowing and nothing slowed it down. Can't wait for the snow to melt so i can plow!
  7. I am going to look at a pond walk behind tomorrow and it comes with a modified snow plow, cultivator and land plow. I was wondering if the plow and cultivator would work with a wheel horse slot hitch? Also does anyone know fair market value for the tractor and implements? Tractor has replacement motor and runs but needs work.