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  1. tractorhogg

    D series PTO coupler length

    You might be more specific as to whom you are asking this question.
  2. tractorhogg

    FREE- Rear Hitch Rod

    One lower hitch rod. I think this fits many models, 7" long by 1/2" diameter, on C-clip. I'll send it in a first class 6x9 bubble wrap envelope. It weighs around 7 ounces in the package, so around 5.00 may cover it, could be less, not sure.
  3. tractorhogg

    D-160 AG Tires

    The single cylinders not very common and that's why I collect them. Other than tires/wheels I would never alter these machines, it destroys every bit of their collector value, but hey people can do what they want, it just makes less tractors out there and make mine worth more money. I had a twin cylinder 20 hp K532 cast iron that was much more powerful than any small diesel. These little diesel are really overrated, except that they get good gas mileage, but as far as pure power the Kohler K482, K532, and K582s are hard to beat. Of course that is only my opinion and ten people will disagree with that opinion. That's why I don't post much anymore. I cant have an opinion, its always wrong to someone else. As in the reply I got about my tire advice, that their 20 year old turf tires with chains are better than any tire I bought.
  4. tractorhogg

    D200 rear tire size

    Measure your inset, they have two styles and I think either will work, but you might pick the one closest to what you want or was stock
  5. tractorhogg

    D200 rear tire size

    Some are listed in M.E. Miller tire site, and some are at Agri-Supply and other farm and fleet stores. These wheels were origianlly installed as implement wheels for hay tedders and such. Sometimes you can find the wheels at farm auctions.
  6. tractorhogg

    D200 rear tire size

    I can buy the 6/12 hole 15 inch Wheel Horse/Bolens wheels new all day long in a variety of widths, I don't understand the issue. 30-10-12 Interco InterForce or 29x9-15 Maxxis Carnivore
  7. tractorhogg

    1975 D200 w/rear mower and dozer

    1975 Wheel Horse D200, with 3 point and rear PTO, factory Woods 60" rear finish mower, 56" front Dozer blade, dual turning brakes, dash lights electric PTO clutch, owners manuals. I bought this from the original owner and it has 760 original hours. I wouldn't be selling this if I could help it, but this may the first of several dozen, things don't always work out the way you want. Sadly, I know some people that knew I was in dire straits and they offered me less than half of my asking price, what a gut punch, from people I thought were friends. https://tulsa.craigslist.org/grd/6042974423.html
  8. https://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/grd/5512161269.html


    what do you think. I grew up in VA and drove a wheel horse as a kid. There are none in Washington state, except maybe this one. Think I can get it to cut grass? If you look at the Pacific Northwest thread I've  posted in I've been advised to run from it. I was 3rd BDE, Broncos, 4-87 IN (L) 25th ID from 92 to 95. Love your comments. Love the fact you are one of he few not afraid of the D series. 

  9. tractorhogg

    Why I don't buy Garden Tractor AG tires

    Okay, I'm just an dumb okie that doesn't know anything. we okay, thanks. I was trying to give a little food for thought to people contemplating buying AG tires, but obviously buying 50 dollar tires is the way to go, again sorry. I'll refrain from adding any experience from buying 20 sets or over 4,000 dollars worth of tires in the last 4 years for machines that I use to make a living, not a good living about 14,000 a year, but nonetheless the primary source of my family income comes from me plowing and tilling gardens. I just didn't realize how little I knew my working my machines, not just riding them around in my non-existent leisure time. I would quote your post to show that you did not mention that they were 50.00, not that it matters, because I would probably still be wrong.
  10. tractorhogg

    Why I don't buy Garden Tractor AG tires

    If they were better they would use them on big tractors as well, but I don't think they are better, because they are more like to bend, especially if they were taller. I don't think they need to be alot wider, but they are really thin compared to other AGs. Speaking of big tractors, they do not generally use wide tires on larger utility tractors, just like they didn't use wide tires on military vehicles or older GTs, because wider tires aren't always better, they just look cool. Wider tires are often known as flotation tires, that is the last thing I want my Ag tire to do, float.
  11. tractorhogg

    Why I don't buy Garden Tractor AG tires

    Nah, don't change tires, just buy more tractors
  12. tractorhogg

    Why I don't buy Garden Tractor AG tires

    Well the 22 mag has very little tread height, it wouldn't perform well in loose soil where you need an AG, again "4 Ply Rating", that is not a 4 ply tire. The Lawn Trac just has a modified AG tread, that again, has no lug height, that tire won't perform in many garden tractor condition. Those conditions do not include use on dry grass without hills, flat asphalt or pavement. Yep they sure do, like I said in my original post, if you don't need an AG tire, but want your machine to look cool those work fine Duro makes many different levels or quality of tire, the one they make that I did find good was one they designed for ATVs that were 6 ply rated, and were rated as use at highway speeds. The Duro Frontier Why I never buy Michelin's any more, they went to making junk tires, might as well use Firestone. Well then you did good if you bought them used!!!! but you left out what you paid for them. I used BKT on My International 424 and was very impressed with them, the trenchers are okay, but like I said the lugs are really thin and close together, if they were a little thicker, and taller, they would be better, but they have not worn hardly at all in 4 years
  13. tractorhogg

    Why I don't buy Garden Tractor AG tires

    You are right, I have BKT trenchers on my Massey MF-14 for years with little wear, but mine are 6 ply and weren't cheap, however I do not like the thin lugs spaced close together Yeah, but in 8-9 years, they are pretty well weather cracked on the sides The problem is many AGs like deestone and carlisle don't start out with deep lugs like a tractor, made more for show than go
  14. It doesn't matter if they are Deestone, Carlisle or Cheng Shin or whatever most Garden Tractor AG tires are junk. First, they have very little lug height to begin with, so much so that many of you have found turf tires with chains often out perform AGs, Second, within a short amount of time with use most of these tires made for us suckers wear down over half of that original shallow lug height. Lastly, They are misleading on the ply ratings as they list these tires as 4 ply "rated" when in fact they are not 4 ply, but soft eraser like rubber that looks cool and will have you buying more tires when they give out. There is a pair of 26x12-12 Carlisle AGs on eBay right now that aren't that old and in good shape except they are almost slicks (pics attached). If you never use the tires and just want them on a machine that sits in a garage, on a trailer, or just tools around the yard the cheap worthless GT tires most companies offer will be fine, but if you want something that will last a lifetime of hard work most times you will have to opt for a ATV/RTV or off road tire made for real use. I post this because I do not want people to waste money to get something that looks great, but doesn't perform. Wasting money should not be a habit, our wives will torture us about it.
  15. tractorhogg

    Junk yard find

    hope you pulled it home. Very nice find, not that far gone at all.