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  1. What is the oem part # mine are wore off 1994 60" Anyone have any luck with aftermarket blades? I'm looking for something more HD. Real thick like the ones on toro's newer zero turn Any suggestions???
  2. canam1991

    D160 with external park brake

    the steering pivot arm looks much stronger on my 80 160 than it did on my 74 180
  3. canam1991

    johnson loader cylinder leaking

    I believe it is a model 14 or johnson workhorse
  4. canam1991

    D160 with external park brake

    i believe 78-80 had external parking band and cooling fan also upgraded steering. my 1980 d160 has both C series will also work my D has a C hydro
  5. I have a johnson loader and one cylinder is leaking out of the seal. Questions are where can I find parts And how to tear it apart Thanks
  6. quick ride to the car wash after every 5-7 mows
  7. canam1991

    Two Stage Snowblower Question

    had one on a c 161
  8. canam1991

    My new commuter suv- 95 Blazer

    HUMMM I own a 94 S10 with 2.2 5 speed with 143,000 and a 95 s10 blazer 4.3 with 167,000 that i plow with in the winter both still have original ball joints tie rods and idler arm but these are greased and check for looseness every oil change at 3000 miles and yes the 4.3l driver side #3 cylinder plug is a butt to change because the steering shaft runs right beside it. I always change them threw the wheel well much easier Stevebo- very nice blazer wish they were that clean here
  9. canam1991

    How sharp should blades be?

    This is how we do it at the mower shop...
  10. canam1991

    Saw my first D series

    better be restored to the last bolt lol for that price 800-1750 is normal depending what it has
  11. canam1991

    Beating the bushes

    those cylinders are from a alhpa one mercrusier sten drive lol not a bad cobble
  12. it is a hydro, 312 is a great tractor many many made
  13. i have a rear end out of a 91 312 im in jackson michigan not to far