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  1. Jim_M

    Ceramic cylinder heads

    On a stock governed engine I see no advantages, but lots of disadvantages. My guess is he did it because he could....
  2. Jim_M

    Rear PTO coupler?

    John Deere used the same coupler as the D series on some of their larger garden tractors. You might want to check for a John Deere coupler, I'll bet they're still available..
  3. Jim_M

    Yard Sale Return

    If you're willing to ship it, I'll buy it.
  4. Jim_M

    Portland Tractor Show

  5. I have gone from a high of 42 Wheel Horse tractors and tons of attachments and parts down to one 520Xi with a 52" mower deck. I still have a closet full of original manuals though. I find the manuals much cheaper to maintain.
  6. Yes, you'll be fine. There's always kids there.
  7. Jim_M

    "Beware Trains!!"

    That'll buff out.
  8. Jim_M

    My Wheel Horse Raider 10 New Puller Project

    Get a copy of your local club's rules and build it from there. Remember to look for the gray areas in the rules and use them to your advantage because I can guarantee you everyone else is.
  9. Jim_M

    Mosquito Sucker -- Cub Cadet

    I wonder if it would work for the land mines the dog leaves hidden in the yard.
  10. I'll be there but not pulling just helping a couple friends who want to pull.
  11. Jim_M

    Motorized Chute Deflector

    Aren't those snow blower starter motors 120 volt motors?
  12. Jim_M

    Motorized Chute Deflector

    Simple, relatively cheap and it didn't take you 144 posts to show it to us. I like it.
  13. Jim_M

    Dragging home this 1930's Doodlebug this Sunday!

    Sheet metal from a model t would be way too small but model a sheet metal would be a direct bolt on fit.
  14. Jim_M

    Dragging home this 1930's Doodlebug this Sunday!

    Here are 3 excellent sources for parts. Snyders has a pretty good selection of AA parts. I've used them all in the past, they all have good service. http://www.gaslightauto.com/ http://www.snydersantiqueauto.com/ http://www.macsautoparts.com/store/
  15. Jim_M

    Dragging home this 1930's Doodlebug this Sunday!

    That's a model A engine, AA transmission and front axle. I can't really see the rear end but judging from the wheels, it's an AA rear end too. It probably started life as a Model AA truck on somebody's farm.