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  1. Looking for a complete engine or a good block for a 1956 Ferguson TA35 tractor with a Continental gas engine.
  2. kfx400

    Yardman Snowblower

    Old Yardman Snowbird snowblower, 6HP 26". Does not run, been sitting in shed for many years. Should run fine with tuneup.
  3. kfx400

    For All You Wheel Horse RJ owners

    Very cool, I have a copy of the blue poster but I've never seen the rest of it. Thanks
  4. kfx400

    New addition to the RJ collection! To

    Awesome find! Don't restore it, I'd clean it up and leave it alone
  5. kfx400

    Added two more rjs

    Awesome trade! You got the better part of that deal for sure.
  6. kfx400

    RJ gas tank help

    @wallfish I didn't know that about the tanks. Thanks for the info
  7. kfx400

    RJ gas tank help

    There is a tank off a suburban on ebay which I believe is the same as an RJ. Ive seen them come up on ebay once in a while. Good Luck
  8. kfx400

    RJ-58 Transmission gears and side cover

    I'm looking for an RJ-58 transmission mushroom gear and bull gear matching set OR either an 11 tooth mushroom gear or and old style bull gear. I have an 8 tooth and a newer style bullgear now. also a left side tranny cover for an RJ-58. Let me know what you have and price. Thanks
  9. Here are the pics. These are all 4 of my RJs. 2 with Kohler, 1 Clinton and the most recent one with no motor until I find the correct one for it. The first pic is the lawn ornament I picked up last month which has the plow on it in the pics
  10. kfx400

    59 RJ value?

    Nice find!
  11. kfx400

    RJ-58 Side cover

    I have the bull gear like the 1st pic and the incorrect 8 tooth mushroom gear. My older style bull gear looks worse than yours in the 2nd pic.
  12. kfx400

    RJ-58 Side cover

    @stevasaurus Thats it exactly. Thanks again. Now I can start the search for the correct gears
  13. kfx400

    RJ-58 Side cover

    That has to be it! My mushroom gear has 8 teeth and it didn't really seem like it was meshing correctly with the bull gear but I figured it had to be right because they came from an RJ. That makes perfect sense now because if the gears meshed correctly, that's the 1/16 I need for the brake shaft to slide into the bearing. I didn't know there are 2 different gears. I guess early RJs had one gear and later ones had the other? Also I have a needle bearing for the brake shaft in this side cover. I have another spare side cover that has ball bearings for the brake shaft. Which one of those is early and later? Thank you for all this information. I appreciate it. I took a few pics but they're not uploading for some reason, Ill keep trying.
  14. kfx400

    RJ-58 Side cover

    @stevasaurus @ACmanThank you for the idea. My problem is that I cant even get the brake shaft started in the bearing hole. Its not just the last 1/4". Ive tried moving both shafts every which way and the brake shaft seems to be too far towards the front of the transmission by about 1/16th of an inch and it will not go into the bearing. Ill try to get a few good pics so you can see what going on.
  15. Hi, I'm rebuilding an RJ-58 tranny and its all together except the left side cover will not go on because the brake shaft is not lining up with the bearing. Its off by about 1/16th of an inch. The bearing on the other side cover is not cocked. The only parts that are not original in the tranny is the big differential gear and a couple bearings but they are the correct size bearings. It is the correct gear, its just out of another unit. Same part number and everything-3502. Did those big gears vary slightly in size during production? because it seems like if the big gear was about 1/16 smaller, I would be able to push the gears together and the cover would slight right on. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks