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  1. HorseWhisperer

    Mystery Kohler motor

    I'm pretty sure it's the heart from a 66 Jacobson by the faded orange paint but on 25 years I haven't seen a k161 or k181 with 3/4 non thread exhaust.it runs very well so its staying!!
  2. HorseWhisperer

    Mystery Kohler motor

    Picked this up a couple days ago thinking I bought a commando 8.I went to change the oil and the drain was a hex plug in the "front" of the sump.Then I realize it's a 3/4 exuast without threads(NPT nipple just sitting there)port.Its jacobson orange.Obviously a replacement imposter k181 with the tins on it but what is it?
  3. HorseWhisperer

    New to me GT14 with no down pressure

    I never used photobucket on here,I think I joined in 08.I always thought it was a little jenky.I didnt trust it for some reason.I was wondering why so many archive photos were unavailable.So anyone that uses photobucket on here lost or cannot retrieve the old photos until the loot is payed?
  4. HorseWhisperer

    New to me GT14 with no down pressure

    I was MIA at work a couple years,what happened to the photobucket goodies KC?
  5. HorseWhisperer

    New to me GT14 with no down pressure

    I have a box scraper with adjustable scarifiers,that unit itself doesnt need down pressure but as for the cultivator and york rake well they could use a little help.I have had a c160 for years and I have a 12v linear electric actuator lift on it.It never says no to up or down!lol
  6. HorseWhisperer

    New to me GT14 with no down pressure

    I thought that was for a 12v actuator option.Now I see the light.I had a commando 8 years ago that had a 12v electric brinley hitch much like that.
  7. HorseWhisperer

    New to me GT14 with no down pressure

    Sweet lord you guys are getting good at this technology stuff 🤣🤣🤣
  8. HorseWhisperer

    New to me GT14 with no down pressure

    Omg,I dont jow how it would be better
  9. HorseWhisperer

    New to me GT14 with no down pressure

    This was an independent control lever option?
  10. HorseWhisperer

    Here's the 877 . . .

    That pony looks great!I had an 877 a couple years back.I picked it up from the original owner with deck and rototiller.That was sure a one off tiller set up!Yours looks great.
  11. Picked this up a couple months ago and was sceptical as I am of most Hydrogear Sunstrands.I have gone through all fluid/filter changes and got to the hydro inspection/tune.No relief spring issues,no broken pawl.This stud will climb a wall.I picked up several cat 0 implements but I just noticed there is no down pressure on this three point.Is there supposed to be?I had a 69 electro that had down pressure.Why wouldn't this beast
  12. HorseWhisperer

    Ross Steering 953

    Well Randy,This is the greatest gift I've got in a spell.The butchered race came off and I realized why I save all them old rims - it's like new now.Thanks again for that info
  13. HorseWhisperer

    Ross Steering 953

    I am gonna mic that baby up and head to tractor supply.Thanks my friend
  14. HorseWhisperer

    Ross Steering 953

    I got some pics of me in a speedo on a gt14 I would make a calender into for ya
  15. HorseWhisperer

    Ross Steering 953

    I have been through this thread and have found the upper ross bearings on a "E" site before but I guess I'm thick and need to see what I'm looking at.The inner plastic race is there,the felt washer and the washer on top but I think the lower plastic race is missing?