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  1. leeave96

    The end of the road

    IMHO - you’re not done. You have much experience and even without a Wheelhorse tractor in the shed, you should continue to post, sharing your knowledge with members, especially new members/Wheelhorse owners as they come onboard. Enjoy you’re retirement - stay active and continue on here too. Bill
  2. IMHO, you should keep two tractors. The hydro 314 and the C160 8 speed. This gives you redundancy, commonality between implements and you’ve got both hydro and gear drive flavors covered. IMHO, the perfect 2 tractor plan for the user and/or collector with limited space.
  3. leeave96

    520XI won't go up hill

    +1 You could have a sheared key between the axle and hub allowing it to free wheel on a slope. I assume the 5xi's had this arrangement like th older Wheelhorse tractors before them.
  4. leeave96

    97 416H tranny oil change

    Crack open the oil filter and fill it up.
  5. leeave96

    wheel horse c-111 ?

    IMHO the C-111 is a good tractor. Maybe the Briggs ain't the best, but they have an 8 pinion rear end, so if repowered, good to go there. Simple and tough the C-111. I ran one with a 36 inch RD deck and it was a nimble tractor, great cut.
  6. leeave96

    Oil leak 416h

    I should think that seal wouldn't be to hard to fix (someone correct me if I'm wrong), as it ought be easily accessible with the PTO removed. Where to get it - you can download parts lists from Toro, I'm pretty sure, including the engine from Toro. From there you can get the seal part number and order one from most anyone. The parts list may be on this site somewhere too. Good luck, Bill
  7. leeave96

    Kohler Carb Help Needed

    I've got an 8 hp Kohler K-181 engine and a manual for it. I just did a carb clean, new gaskets, etc., and now am trying to reset the carb. My manual shows a Walboro carb, but what I have on this engine looks like a Kohler/Carter model N. High speed main jet is on top of the carb. The only marking on the carb is 4147804. That is cast on the left hand side, no markings in the intake throat like other Kohler/Carter carbs I've seen in the past. Anyone have the initial carb settings for this carb? Thanks! Bill
  8. leeave96

    520h disappointing

    I can tell you from experience that a hydro 520H will push snow, dirt and gravel with any IH Cub Cadet - gear or hydro. The design is sound. Unless something is out of adjustment, wore out or broken, you'll loose traction every time. I cleared my street with my 520H this snowy weekend 3 times and will likely do it again this morning too. There's so much snow that I'm having to ram the snow mounds to push them out of the way. But snow is a walk in the park. The test of a hydro is moldboard plowing and my 520H handles it with ease.
  9. I should think 1500 to 2000hrs and more. Nice thing about the 520H is you can repower if the Onan ever goes out. Get a foot control kit from Matt and you've got a modern piece of old iron.
  10. leeave96

    What Blizzard?????

    Don't think you'll have a problem with the snow and that C120. Just take it easy and if it starts lugging down, between slower speeds, take a smaller bite.
  11. leeave96

    520h disappointing

    First of all - don't be discouraged. The tranny in the 520H will pull. We just got to figure out what's wrong. If the wheels are stopping I'm wondering a couple of things. First is - is the tranny full oil and what did you put in it? 10w-30 or something else? Reason I say full is - it can be a challenge to fill the hydro due to air trying to come up through the filler tube as you try to pour. An easy work around this is to crack open the hydro filter to vent the air as you fill. If the oil level is good, then I'm thinking a belt is slipping or a key is sheared on one of the wheel hubs. The Eaton 1100 used in the 520H is a most stout tranny. They are not prone to failure, not at 800 hrs, much less than 3800 hrs. I've got 3 IH cub cadets in my fleet and I can tell you first hand that your 520H is a terrific tractor. I'm sure more/better advice is on the way. Keep the faith! Bill
  12. leeave96

    Round 2

    Snow picked up again and we waited until about 8:30 and hit it hard again. Don't have much of a driveway, but live at tne end of a dead end street. If we didn't plow it, public works would get it - probably a day later. 520H, 42 inch blade and Matt's foot control kit. We'll hit it again in the morning. Bill
  13. leeave96

    What Blizzard?????

    Mighty 520H and 42 inch blade.....
  14. Yes - McMaster Carr is the place to get the dog point set screws. However...... Don't over tighten the lock nut or you can break off the set screw with a very short piece left in the tranny casting and will find yourself with a pair of tweezers to get it out. Don't ask me how I know..... Bill
  15. leeave96

    Blew Up my C-160 Engine

    Thinking glass half full - the engine should have decompression and as such would turn freely. just a thought.