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  1. Crille68

    What can anyone tell me about a 706?

    WOW!!! An original manual for a export model found in U.S?! It would be "swell" to get a copy of that one. :banana: I have been a bit "slow" and lacy lately so I don't have any nice new pictures of my 706 but I have been using it and bought a new trailer. Pictures... With my Kohler 8 Magnum I thing my tractor is like a "big block hemi hot rod" Wheel Horse. I mean it is really super strong. :horseplay: I'll PM you my e-mail "jschahl" - right the way!
  2. Crille68

    What is this?

    OK, maybe they are cheaper, the Wheel Horses, but can they make dinner??? I'm on very VERY thin ice here I think...I mean IF my girlfriend find out my comments here...but I guess that risk is very close to zero. I found the A-51 for sale for about
  3. Crille68

    Check this guy out!...

    :banghead: Great video with a really great Wheel Horse engineer! Wheel horse :banana: !!!
  4. Crille68

    What is this?

    Hi! Nice and fast answer! I thought it could be an A-something but was not shure... The deck was lookin a bit strange to me but im NO expert here. I was thinking how much a thing like this is worth...is it something to buy...is it easy to repair - hmmm...that was not a easy question... How much does a thing like the A-51 cost in USA? About trading my girlfriend. Without her I could and all day long on my Wheel Horse but I'm not sure...and I don't know how much a girlfriend is worth...and which need most repair and maintenance! OOOPS!!! Here she comes!!! Maybe I need to ...
  5. Crille68

    What is this?

    Hi! I need some help and a little advice. (My girlfriend would NOT agree that this forum is the best place for an andvice in this matters... ) I saw a "tractor" for sale on the Net and this is the picture of it: (The seller obviously doesn't know how to set correct date in his camera... ) Is this "thing" worth a bid? Sorry to say I'm to far away from the seller so I can't go there to have a look... He says it has a B&S engine on 4,5 hp. He can't se any name or model on it because it has been painted over. Some how he recalls the name Toro but is not shure...he got it from his brother a couple of years ago and havn't had it started but says "should be working but could be hard to get it started..." In Sweden - where I live - it isn't sooo common with Wheel Horse so one must have eyes and ears wide open to get one at a reasonable price - which I suppose is much higher than in USA. What would a rider like this cost in ? I mean if it is a Wheel Horse! Otherwise I would guess it's for free... :USA:
  6. Crille68

    Wheel Horse Production Numbers

    Hi! I took a picture of my production plate... It is my re-engined 706 but maybe it is of interest anyway? Well...I hope you can see what it says...I mean it is old and well used so it is not in mint condition... 42 years of gardening leave some marks i guess.
  7. Hi! I start with something obvious...I'm not american or english - I'm from Sweden. Becuse of that my writing might need some extra effort from you all. But that is not all... I would like some extra help with ideas to get a trailer to my Wheel Horse the best that a man can get. Well... At first I borrowd my neighbours trailer for a car. I think it is a little too big to use in my garden... Soo... Today I bought a smaller one: But as you all can see it is not in mint condition... I need to rebuild it to suit my needs... I do not know so much of my "barrow" but it looks a little military because the rims are military green and the tires have "Military" on the sides. I would like some help with ideas to get my trailer the best I can get... My intention is to use it in my garden to move soil, dirt, leaves, timber and wood. Does anyone have ideas, pictures or something else to help me getting started? I am not in a hurry so we have time to get it right... See U!
  8. Crille68

    My "new" and first WH is T 706 - info?

    Hi! Great to know how old my WH is! 2 years older than me! Tonight I'm quite tired ( here it is 00:25) so I will only (try to) show one picture of what I have bought; It is my 706 with a Kohler 8 Magnum, snowblade and chains, and a pair of extra tractortires for the rear axel. I will show more later on and more closeup-pictures and more...
  9. Hi everyone! I found this forum and have been lookin around and at many beautiful pictures. Now my questions: I have bought an oldie, a Wheel Horse T 706, but I can not see any info of this model. Is it an export model? I am living in Sweden ( I hope you all understand what I mean when I write...) and my tractor is sold new here - I think... It has Serial Number 181158 and it has not the original motor. My engine is a Kohler 8 Magnum. Does anyone know anything of my 706? Age? Rare? I can later on show some pictures of it if anyone is interested. It has 3+1 gearbox and is very "tractor lookalike"...