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  1. 3609horse

    Ag tires VS ATV tires?

    I like the way they look on your tractor. I just bought a set used but in good shape but you got a great deal on those. Now I can't wait to put mine on. Nice looking tractor. That's what I am putting mine on too, not happy to hear how hard they were to mount but it will be worth it.
  2. 3609horse

    Ag tires VS ATV tires?

    I am currently switching all my tractors to ATV tires. I like the way they give when climbing up over curbs and rocks where my AG tires try but don't always make it on the first try. I also have a set like Mikes tires and they worked great in the snow and I was using a 54" blade on a 14hp black hood that I put together. I have some that are very aggressive and some not so, but they all work well for me. Just my 2 cents.. Gene.
  3. 3609horse

    Finally Got A Loader!

    I agree, I recently got a D160 with a ark loader and your right, the bucket doesn't really tip back far enough to get a full scoop. Hope you enjoy the loader, it's still better than lifting by hand. Gene...
  4. 3609horse

    Snow Removal- Ags vs. turf.

    I put ATV tires on some of my tractors and they work great in the snow, My son put a set something like these on his work tractor and it will go through anything. Just my 2 cents, for what its worth
  5. 3609horse

    Snow Removal- Ags vs. turf.

    I ran a set of these this past winter, plowed great, even with the 54" plow they did great.
  6. 3609horse

    Look what my wife bought me today

    Thanks for the information.. It came with a spare pump and yes the splines are wiped out. I have spent the day tinkering with it and getting used to driving a bigger tractor. I was kinda surprised at how quick something this big goes. Thanks again. Gene...
  7. 3609horse

    Look what my wife bought me today

    It was in Ma. just happened to come inside when it started to rain and saw it called and went to see it. He said he posted it twenty minutes before. Thanks, it is a nice tractor, and came with a lot of parts.
  8. 3609horse

    Look what my wife bought me today

    Thanks for all the compliments. As for my wife she said she is not training another. LOL Got delivered today and it came with more extra parts than he told me about, always a plus. Runs good, needs a little wiring work but I can deal with that. The neighbors are already looking while we unloaded it, probably thinking what is this guy getting now. LOL Gene...
  9. Saw this on CL and showed my wife and she said lets go look at it, so who am I to say no. Once I drove it and played with the bucket I had to have it and she said yes. It will cost me more down the road but I will deal with that later. The gentleman is even going to deliver it for me. Been waiting a long time for a front end loader can't wait to play with it . Gene....
  10. 3609horse

    Filling tires

    I run ATV tires on my tractors that I plow with, and no wheel weights and they do very well. It shouldn't make a difference but has anyone filled ATV tires? I would like to try and fill them to give the tractor more rolling momentum. Thanks, Gene..
  11. 3609horse

    Snow blower question

    Thanks for your answer. Anything helps. Thanks again...
  12. Did all snow blowers have the chain go to a top sprocket ? I have one not sure which model it is but it would fit a 400 series tractor. The chain on this unit does not have the top sprocket like others I have had, and due to a chain that came loose it ate up the auger sprocket. I have the same set up on a blower that I have for a 604 it seems to be the same way. Is this the way it came or did the previous owner change the way the chain was routed ? Thanks. Gene..
  13. 3609horse

    don't know what to say

    It's worth it, and they forget after awhile, till you bring the next one home. Nice tractors, I like the black hood.
  14. Did it make a difference with wet heavy snow? It looks like good, nice job. Gene.....
  15. 3609horse

    How much hp to run snowblower

    Thats a nice looking tractor you have. Thanks for the response. I got to use my 10hp this last storm and it did a very good job, even when it was wet and heavy I just had to adjust the speed to the load. Thanks to everyone that commented. Gene..