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  1. Runs great. Has just over 200 hours on it. Has a NOS 3 point kit on it. Also has rear PTO. New front tires as well. All fluids on tractor and loader have been changed. Asking 3600. May consider partial trade for 2 stage snowblower or 4 wheel wagon. Located in Kansas City, MO (the rear lights that are missing the lens in the picture have been replaced). i also have a spare engine that has a broken connecting rod.
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  4. John Voss

    8 spd axle seal leaking

    That is definitely the wrong seal. This is the correct seal. http://www.ebay.com/itm/281192492884?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649
  5. John Voss

    8 spd axle seal leaking

    I believe the new seal is flush with the axle housing I will have to check when i get home. What concerns me is the lack of the old seal i pulled out. There just wasn't much there and as mentioned above if there wasn't that much seal left it should have been leaking at a faster rate.
  6. John Voss

    8 spd axle seal leaking

    I am guessing i still have some of the original metal seal behind the new seal i put in. I think i need to dig it out then re try with a new seal. any tips on removing the old seal? I was using a pick and various other tools to pull on the old seal but was only able to scrape the rubber away.
  7. John Voss

    8 spd axle seal leaking

    Will the old seal have metal in it? When i was removing the old seal i picked out very little rubber material before running into metal. I assumed this was the bearing. Is it possible that i do not have the old seal fully removed?
  8. John Voss

    8 spd axle seal leaking

    I will give it a shot, thanks!
  9. John Voss

    8 spd axle seal leaking

    I checked the axle movement and it was very little, i did tape the keyway and axle end before putting the new on on.
  10. John Voss

    8 spd axle seal leaking

    So I finally got around to doing this job. Removing the hub was very easy as it seems oil had seeped onto the axle. But when i went to dig out the old seal it didnt seem like there was really much of a seal to remove. I dig bits and pieces of what seemed to be a seal out and eventually was just hitting metal with my pick which i assume was the needle bearing for the axle. I then installed the new seal and tapped it into place. It didnt leak at first when just sitting still the first couple nights, but then i used it a few days later and after that it is leaking again. Any ideas?
  11. John Voss

    Rear Grader Blade Heavy to lift

    Thank you for all the suggestions, I did find that my lift cable was connected to the wrong hole on the rock shaft. I raised it to the top and adjusted the slack out of it at the hitch and now it works much better. Thanks again!
  12. I got a Brinly rear grader blade with another tractor last week and added it to my 12-8. It fits great and should work good too, but the only issue is its so darn heavy to lift with the manual lift? Im thinking about adding a spring to help pull it up, has anyone done this? Pictures would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  13. John Voss

    Where to find Kohler k241 carb parts

    I just picked up a pair of C101s. One of them has been used for parts and I am trying to replace the ones robbed off of it. I took the carb off hoping i would only need a rebuild kit, but found that the main jet and high speed adjustment needle were both missing. I have been able to find some high speed adjustment needles on ebay, but for the life of me can not seem to find a main jet anywhere. This is for the size "26" carburetor with the screw in main jet with 3/8 thread size. Does anyone know where i can find this part? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  14. I have a 73 12hp 8 speed that has developed a slow leak out of the left rear axle seal. Does anyone have a guide to replacing these and a part number for the seal? Thanks!
  15. Yes Carlisle Super Lug on front and rear.