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  1. Lane Huls

    Wanted 1045

  2. Lane Huls

    Not a fan of what's it worth but..

    It's from what was explained to me a 7.5 out of 10. It was taken down pretty much all the way blasted and painted with hvlp gun. Anything that needed done was, but it still has old tires with weather cracking, old wiring, and no seals or bearings that weren't already bad replaced.
  3. I've been looking for a 1045 for a long time. I've finally found someone that is both willing to sell and not across the map. My experience with the 1045 is very limited since I can't find them for sale or see many. I have no idea what they are selling for. The one I have found is a restored tractor is overall good condition. Soon as I get a picture I'll share it. I'm in East central illinois, and I'd really appreciate your help
  4. Lane Huls

    Looking for RM366 or similar deck

    I'm all out of good 36" RD decks and I'd like to pick a couple up. Will travel reasonable distance. Thanks! Hoopeston IL
  5. Lane Huls

    Wheel Horse 21" Reel Mower

    I'll get you better pictures this afternoon. I'm 99% sure I have the muffler you are looking for also.
  6. Lane Huls

    Wheel Horse 21" Reel Mower

    I'll get those for you as soon as I get off work. Btw Bacon's dealership was in Pennsylvania.
  7. Lane Huls

    Wheel Horse 21" Reel Mower

  8. Lane Huls

    Wheel Horse 21" Reel Mower

    There is a belt gaurd that went over the drive belt, it was held on in the center of the gaurd with one tab. They broke off easily it seems. I have mine, but it needs repaired. Of the 3 I've seen all had missing/broken gaurds.
  9. Lane Huls

    Wanted 1045

    I have a very strong desire to own a 1045. I have lots of tractors you could make a combination of with which to trade. I'd be interested in any condition from complete not running to restored. Have for trade a 704, and 857 with Honda motor. Also a Simplicity 725 with 2 decks if you're into that. If I'm travelling to you, I'd like to keep it under 2-2.5 hours one way.
  10. Lane Huls

    654 with deck and 704

    I'll make someone a deal on both
  11. Thank you Steve. Though my garage is a mess, it is a sea of red. I've always wanted a cart and that dream has been fulfilled. I'm pleased with everything. I'm glad I had the opportunity to come out and see some things I may not get to see again! It was nice meeting everyone. I stopped for gas and had a little boy and his grandfather talk wuth me for a while. They really enjoyed what they saw. Thanks again for today. The trip is long and I've driven so much this weekend I don't feel like driving a block, but I'll do it again for sure. I'll catch you after harvest!
  12. Lane Huls

    500 special

    If I get a round hood sold I'd love to get this tractor back. Short frame square hoods are definitely what I enjoy most.
  13. Lane Huls

    857 aka 507 Honda

    The honda is a one pull starter that runs great with plenty of power. The tractor looks nice overall. The steering wheel comes off easily so repainting this one will be a breeze. The tires are all nice. Can come with deck for additional $50
  14. Lane Huls

    654 with deck and 704

    go ahead and send me a pm
  15. Lane Huls

    Simplicty 725 with 2 good decks

    Was repowered with a model 23 over the original 19 at some point. New starter gen $$$, both decks are good, all tires hold air. Starts right off Price reduced