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  1. OILUJ52

    What donor tractor for a good 8 speed?

    I have a 416-8 with a good transmission. I bought the machine for the Kohler engine. The machine ran and drove good. No engine, hood, seat, and seat pan. It has all the linkages and lift stuff to do what you want. $100 picked up, I am about 3 hours away. PM if interested. Joe
  2. OILUJ52

    How Do You Sharpen Your Blades?

    I'm with Jeff, the flap disc works great.
  3. No, not a good idea. Scrap it and buy copper leads at the auto parts store?
  4. EB I got a couple things I use, one is a truck crane mounted to a heavy metal work table. I use it the most. Next, I got a chain hoist hung from rafters and last is a section of unistrut mounted on the ceiling. The unistrut is pretty cheap. It can be purchased at the box stores and the trolley I got on ebay. Works well, similar to barn door track. Unistrut_Trolley_Brochure.pdf
  5. OILUJ52

    Toro before Wheel Horse

    Seen this old Toro on CL the other day. Bad rear end $125. Seems pretty cool.
  6. OILUJ52

    Tractors and storage space

    I pretty much gave up on restorations because of a zoning issue not allowing a building of size for storage. My biggest issue is the left over parts. To good to scrap, not really interested in selling, just kind of keeping them. I end getting machines that I may want a few parts off of, then disassemble the rest and store under tarps. Maybe "parts hording"?
  7. OILUJ52

    D-series pros and cons?

    I had a D160 with an FEL. Seemed similar in size to my neighbors BX. I sold the tractor and refitted the FEL on a 520H. The D160 was under powered compared to a 520H. D160 had coupler issues with the splines on the hydro pump. I would say parts are getting hard to find too.
  8. OILUJ52

    WH engine drive pulley #1621

    Changed Status to Closed
  9. OILUJ52

    Quality electric motor brands?

    If you want to go "old school", check out CL. From time to time older motors show up for sale.
  10. OILUJ52

    Slot Hitch

    Changed Status to Closed
  11. Sure Joe I will take it.  Do you use PayPal?

  12. OILUJ52

    Slot Hitch

    Dan I have it, send me a pm if you want it. Joe
  13. OILUJ52

    Slot Hitch

    I think so, I will check the barn today. I forgot I had this up for sale. Joe
  14. OILUJ52

    How to use a Tiller?

    It can take several passes. We try to bust the top grass off first then go lower on the second pass. Used both a gear drive and hydro prefer the hydro. Wheel weights help a lot to control bounce. The video is my neighbor using a 312-8 several years ago.