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  1. OILUJ52

    Plow frame pivot lubrication?

    I got an old spray bottle with some used motor oil in it.
  2. OILUJ52

    Synthetic oil?

    I use it in all the pressurized oil system engines, and I have used it in the old Koehler Engine too. No issues. I do know we had switched to synthetic in pump gear boxes at work and they ran a good bit cooler. Transfers the heat better.
  3. OILUJ52

    48" Wheel Horse Snow Blade

    For Sale: One Wheel Horse 48 inch snow blade, good usable condition. PM if interested, I also have a rear attachment assy. for an addition charge. Joe
  4. OILUJ52

    ARK 550 Bucket

    KC here is a bucket design I used on my son's machine. It works pretty good. Only change was in the back , lower corner, added a three inch strip. Maybe something to start with?
  5. OILUJ52

    ARK 550 Bucket

    I have a couple loaders and it is a pain with the bucket in the low position. The one machine I modified by welding tabs with new pin holes at the lower pivot point. This moved the bottom of the bucket two more inches forward and greatly enhancing the tilt while in the low position. Only trade off is the bucket will not tilt and dump as well in the raised position. My machine had plenty of dump tilt when raised and was not a problem.
  6. EB, I have done this a few times and just re-torqued the ones removed with no issues. Just an old flat head, no water jacket.
  7. OILUJ52

    Backhoe Project Parts

    Changed Status to Closed
  8. OILUJ52

    Wheel Weights, John Deere, 50lbs, Plastic Filled

    Changed Status to Closed
  9. OILUJ52

    Think it will work?

    My neighbor used a similar idea on his Kubota. His problem was the same, snow stuck in the bucket. He removed the bucket and installed an old rear mount 3 point blade he removed from its frame. The blade was wider and plowed much better. He said he could float it or apply down pressure if needed to remove built up snow or ice with no issues. Your mounting is much simpler.
  10. OILUJ52


    Cool cup Rich, I'm in.
  11. OILUJ52

    What donor tractor for a good 8 speed?

    I have a 416-8 with a good transmission. I bought the machine for the Kohler engine. The machine ran and drove good. No engine, hood, seat, and seat pan. It has all the linkages and lift stuff to do what you want. $100 picked up, I am about 3 hours away. PM if interested. Joe
  12. OILUJ52

    How Do You Sharpen Your Blades?

    I'm with Jeff, the flap disc works great.
  13. No, not a good idea. Scrap it and buy copper leads at the auto parts store?
  14. EB I got a couple things I use, one is a truck crane mounted to a heavy metal work table. I use it the most. Next, I got a chain hoist hung from rafters and last is a section of unistrut mounted on the ceiling. The unistrut is pretty cheap. It can be purchased at the box stores and the trolley I got on ebay. Works well, similar to barn door track. Unistrut_Trolley_Brochure.pdf
  15. OILUJ52

    Toro before Wheel Horse

    Seen this old Toro on CL the other day. Bad rear end $125. Seems pretty cool.