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  1. clintonnut

    D250 help

    Renault R4 and and some Renault Dauphines use the same 800cc engine. Check ebay for piston and liner kits. They come up fairly often.
  2. clintonnut

    Clinton engine

    205-8-500 is a .005 piston 208-8-500 is a .030 piston Brian named the others. Connecting rod is 245-62-500 Rings (if you buy a piston without rings): 233-122-500 STD 234- .005" 235- .010" 237- .020" 238- .030" The complete part number breakdown is on www.clintonengines.us. Click on IPL at the top and find your model number. PM me if you need parts! Charlie
  3. clintonnut

    59 RJ Restore

    Awesome work!
  4. Cas (formariz) commissioned me to build a pair of Clinton 1200 series engines for him. Tonight I finished them and they both started on the first pull! Ran them simultaneously for about 20 minutes! Engines run really well. They had the intake and exhaust ports enlarged and polished and have a new crank, crank bearings, rod, piston, rings, valves, gaskets, seals, silicone plug wire, etc etc etc. They are quite powerful and could probably hold their own against any 6-7hp Kohler! Enjoy Charlie
  5. What is the serial #? I have a 953 SN 672
  6. clintonnut

    d250 throttle issue.

    They probably melted inside because of the exhaust.
  7. clintonnut

    I found a D-250!

    Nice score! You found the tractor, now find the parts!
  8. clintonnut

    RJ trans bearings (R12)

    I have 30 bearings left. All are being brought to the show.
  9. clintonnut

    RJ trans bearings (R12)

    I still have a dozen bearings...
  10. clintonnut

    What Kind Of Rear Rims on a Senior?

    Here ya go. Bottom of the page: http://www.millertire.com/categories/wheels/?sort=featured&page=5 Charlie
  11. clintonnut

    58 RJ Rear Wheels

    Try finding Cub Cadet (did I just say that?!?!) rear 6-12 tires/wheels. Same stamping but valve stem is on the outside making it easy to fill up the outboard tires with air if needed. Charlie
  12. clintonnut

    Cleaning up after a polar vortex with the 1277

    As of right now, yes. The motor in the last year has slowly developed a minor rod knock and the hydro can be glitchy sometimes. I'll run them but eventually I'll swap in a spare trans I have and build a stout 14hp and put the 12hp sheetmetal on it to make it a wolf in sheep's clothing.
  13. This tractor has never let me down. It ran for days straight turning a generator during last weeks power outage and these last two days it has been on snow duty. We have received 20 inches of snow within the last 48 hours and while I regularly maintain this machine, I'm not afraid to work it and sometimes test its limits. What you see behind the tractor is a snow pile that is 6' high, 20' wide and 10' thick. I'm not afraid to ram the piles a little because I have virtually any part for this machine. This winter has already claimed a drive belt and battery on the thing but I can't complain since it has been on full work duty since I restored it 4 years ago... The tractor as ag tires at 2 PSI, 75lbs each wheel weights and 100lbs of barbells off the hitch. The grunt power this machine has is quite incredible! This snow pile will probably hang around until april. It is hard as ice! Charlie
  14. clintonnut

    1533 bearing

    The bearing was bought only by Toro and because of this, they made an arrangement with NICE ball bearings to make the bearing proprietary to them. This info came direct from the bearing company whom I called several years ago about the topic. As far as these bearings, they seldom wear out because of use. What kills them is the moisture inside the transmission. I frequently disassemble the bearing, polish the races and insert new 1/4" ball bearings to "rebuild" them. Charlie
  15. clintonnut

    Early Schnacke?

    Craig, I have those drive nuts and the recoil springs for these starters.... Charlie