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  1. Find a seat that has armrests. I do not have a seat like that on my Wheel Horse but do have a seat with armrests on my big tractor that I pull a boxblade with. I am much more secure in the seat because of the armrests .
  2. Wheel-N-It

    Happy 10th Anniversery Red Square

    A big most humble Thank You to the founders of Red Square and those who have kept the site up and running. Also my respect to the Supporters who give their financial appreciation. Like others here, because of Red Square I have crossed paths with some good solid people that I would have never met otherwise. I'm sure Mr. Ponds never imagined what good seed he was sowing when he invented the Wheel Horse tractor.
  3. Wheel-N-It

    Advice: Replace or Rebuild Carb for K301S?

    I've gone both routes, but prefer to have a rebuilt American carburetor verses a new Chinese made carburetor. In the end I have as much or more in the rebuild but to me it's a matter of principle.
  4. Wheel-N-It

    New Rear Tires for the 416-8

    Thank you T-Mo. That's the information i need
  5. Wheel-N-It

    New Rear Tires for the 416-8

    I sure like how those tires look T-Mo. So are they mounted on the stock 416 wheel? Not the wider 520 wheel? Reason I'm asking is for guidance on future tire purchases. If the 10.5 tires mount up no problem to the narrower wheel then I'll go with the 10.5 for my next tire upgrade over the 8.5 AG's.
  6. Wheel-N-It

    Kohler Heads

    Thank you for starting this thread with some great information !
  7. Wheel-N-It

    Another one followed me home!

    Yes, I'm sure it will pull a 500 pound roller no problem. Take care of the tractor by making sure the bearings on the roller axle are greased and in good shape.
  8. Wheel-N-It

    Hybrid Allis Chalmers/Wheel Horse BIG TEN tractor

    Looking good Tig
  9. Wheel-N-It

    Jacks Sm Engine Newsletter

    Thank you for the info Glen. I tend to not give my push mower the same TLC as the Wheel Horses
  10. Wheel-N-It

    Another one followed me home!

    Maybe but I think you have to make that call through trial. Me, I prefer gears. Oh and WVHillbilly did touch on something with the older Cub Cadets. You won't fry one of those but they're a whole different animal.
  11. Wheel-N-It

    THE MOTHERLOAD ,, advice neede ,, thoughts sought

    LOL, Glenn I've got an empty garage here I'll rent you. Then your Wheel Horse collection will be "Nationwide" !
  12. Wheel-N-It

    New Rear Tires for the 416-8

    Sweet T-Mo Don't forget the pics!
  13. Wheel-N-It

    Another one followed me home!

    Then you will need one more to mount the ice cream maker on, and another one to drive to the mailbox, and another one to restore, and another one to keep the garden tiller on, and on and on and on............
  14. Wheel-N-It

    Using my tractors

    Heck yeah, just like that ! ( Hubcap collection and all ) But tell me one thing Professor; What is that four wheeler green thing in the background?
  15. Wheel-N-It

    Using my tractors

    Sounds to me Mike like you have a nice manageable list of Wheel Horses along with the Sears to do the yard work and snow work duties. I would have commented back on this sooner but found that my Chevy C30 dump truck would not start yesterday about 1pm and spent the rest of the day taking apart the distributor to replace the ignition module and it still would not start. There is 12vdc going to the module but nothing at the sparky plugs. So I'm just going to replace the whole distributor assembly. I had to do this to my old Suburban last year. Also too I was hoping this thread would have more interest. Now would be a good time for someone to post a pic or two of their favorite or ugliest Wheel Horse at work.