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  1. Butch

    A to Z Tractor

    You guys need to check with A to Z Tractors, a vendor on this website. My experience was a cheap price for what I wanted and he shipped Priority mail. On his website you can do a search for your part number if you know what it is or email him and ask him for the part. He has over 1000s of parts in stock. I'm very pleased with him.
  2. Butch

    Best mower for 10 acres?

    Gang mowers.
  3. Revive an old thread!! How did you cut it? The lines and angles look straight.
  4. Butch


    Sorry I missed you Steveasaurus and Stevebo. Butch
  5. send photo to ACYtower@hotmail.com



    waitin on a photo!!


    S Jersey.

  7. waitin on a photo!!


    S Jersey.


  8. Butch

    Anything Goes Sunday

    He only talks to Wilbur.
  9. What's the address I need to put in my GPS? Thanks!! Butch
  10. Thanks guys! Rustoleum it is!!
  11. Now that tractor supply no longer carries their Valspar Implement paint what spray cans are people using on their wheels? Thanks! Butch S. Jersey
  12. On the page where you took pics of your tool box and tools what are the 3 tools sitting on a plastic tray on the 7th photo down?




    S Jersey.


  13. Squonk, your 7th picture down, what are those 3 things sitting on the plastic tray?? Butch S. Jersey