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  1. buckrancher

    Governor help on a K90

    if you are adjusting the governor as the book says and it still does not function correctly you are probably have missing or broken parts inside the engine brian
  2. buckrancher

    What's In Your Mirror?

    on the way home from Maine
  3. buckrancher

    59 with patina local sale

    $500 tops also has incorrect air cleaner setup
  4. buckrancher

    418 long in the tooth to start

    simple solution is to put a primer bulb like the kind that comes on a portable outboard boat motor fuel tank inline near the engine a couple of squeeze's by hand and your good too go Brian
  5. buckrancher

    1950's Bolens

    without getting up close it looks to be 1957/1958 Bolens ride- a- matic
  6. buckrancher

    Lost Spark in 753

    that is the original amp meter I know you said that you have 12 volts at the coil you can manually with your fingers snap open and close the points and see if you have spark with the plug out sitting on a good ground and do you have the coil wires on right pos. on pos. and points and condenser on neg Brian
  7. not sure what's in the upper box but the bottom one looks like a buck transformer
  8. buckrancher

    Happy Birthday Terry; AKA Vinylguy

  9. buckrancher

    Mystery Kohler motor

    the k141 ,k161 and k181 all use the same block early k141's and k161's use a smaller dia. cylinder bore 2 7/8" late k161's were bored the same dia. as the k181's 2 15/16" Brian
  10. buckrancher

    Happy Birthday Lane!!

  11. buckrancher

    Gas tank clean out

    lacquer thinner should clean the goo out put a lot of small stones inside the tank with some lacquer thinner and shake the tank should remove all the loose rust brian
  12. buckrancher

    Best snow removal pictures

  13. buckrancher

    Happy Birthday Stevasaurus

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE have a wonderful day Brian
  14. buckrancher

    It’s Mug-Shot Monday guys!!

  15. buckrancher

    Side Shot Saturday !!