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  1. Terry M

    Favorite weekend breakfast

    I remember your Bacon Steve...Good stuff!!!
  2. Terry M

    Underside of mower deck?

    Not a problem..It's moved ...
  3. Terry M

    Happy Birthday Ed

    Happy Birthday!!!
  4. Terry M

    Tecumseh HT55c-3089 let the magic smoke out

    Magic smoke near the flywheel?! It could be that one or both of your diodes are installed the wrong way.
  5. Terry M

    Happy Birthday Stevebo

    Happy Birthday Steve!!
  6. Terry M

    5025 trans oil

    Even in Minnesota....the 80/90 stuff works fine...
  7. Terry M

    Have questions about 854

    I will give it to you for the actual cost of shipping it....and that depends on the address I ship it to. let me know . Terry
  8. Terry M

    For Those That Are Interested

    That is a Cool video , Digger.
  9. Terry M

    Wish you all a Happy New Year

    Thank you from Minnesota , USA !!
  10. Terry M

    Have questions about 854

    Pm sent
  11. Terry M

    Have questions about 854

    Here is the belt guard I have. It is from a lawn ranger, so the engine mounting tab will need to be changed. Other than that, this belt guard should work...let me know what you think.
  12. Terry M

    Out with the old, in with the new ( horse barn)

    I wish my shed was that Nice!!!
  13. Terry M

    Have questions about 854

    At first I thought you posted in the wrong section...But I'm understanding you are still looking for a belt guard.?? I might have one in my Stash...But I'll have to look and get back to you.. Terry
  14. Terry M

    Papa Claus

    Those turned out very Nice, Tom!!!
  15. Terry M

    Slightly off from orginal

    I'm kinda liking the white seat...