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  1. Terry M

    D250 for sale

    Says " Stroudsburg PA 18360" at the end of the description.
  2. Terry M

    What happened to my Electro????

    Not an engine expert...but could the balance gears (if so equipped) cause those symptoms?
  3. Terry M

    What happened to my Electro????

    Maybe something with the PTO ?
  4. Terry M

    Finally Some Snow!

    That looks like some heavy snow!! Sure glad it was sunny and 45F for the high temp up here in Minnesota...
  5. Terry M

    lawn ranger

    WOW! Very Nice !!
  6. Terry M

    About to join the 857 Club

    Could just be a replacement belt guard because 1967 was the first year of that style without the indent (including the Lawn Rangers)...But, have you ever noticed that many of the original 857's had the indent on the belt guard? Theres no way to prove this, but I'm thinking the 857 model may have been the first 1967 model to roll down the assembly line. Nice looking tractor there, Terry
  7. Terry M

    The 854--Comanche

    Pretty Cool seeing an 854 plowing a furrow!!
  8. Terry M


    Thanks Richie!! count me in !!
  9. Terry M

    No fishing till April

    Funny that you posted this thread today, Terry....as I put my fishing poles away today, Too ... My three can't wait until next year!!
  10. Terry M

    New around here!

  11. Terry M

    Hello everyone! New here

  12. Terry M

    Ford Tri-Motor Flying Over My Wheel Horses today

    Very Cool Lane...Thanks for sharing!!
  13. Terry M

    "93 520 project

    Snow or not ... that looks like one comfortable tractor to cruise around in the cold !! Nice Job Denny!!!
  14. Terry M

    Prayers for Brrly1

    Get well soon , John
  15. Terry M

    Happy Birthday Terry; AKA Vinylguy

    Happy Birthday Terry !!