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  1. Greg Parnell

    Not my usual type of post

    Great to hear Ryan and the family are doing so good!!
  2. Greg Parnell

    News about Stevasuarus

    Glad you're home and mending.
  3. Greg Parnell

    Lawn Mower Racing

    That shows the fun and excitemet of lawn mower racing. I saw them racing a few years ago, It was a blast to watch. Thanks for the vids.
  4. Greg Parnell

    Stupid is as Stupid does

    Proverbs 17:22 tells us a cheerful heart is good medicine; But a broken spirit drieth up the bones. There's no dried up bones around here, good cheerful hearts.
  5. Greg Parnell

    244-5 won't start

    I removed the attach-a-matic deck from the tractor to clean the deck and sharpen the blades and now the engine will not start, it will not even turn over. The deck is still off. Is there a safety switch or something I have missed that needs to be bypassed???
  6. Greg Parnell

    Stumbled across a true Gem

    What a great time!!! My Dad had worked on the carb, the wiring and tinkered a little to get the engine running and I rode that old 1969 Charger 10 Automatic we just bought around the yard this evening. Man that was so cool!! That old horse still has plenty of kick left. The engine runs very smooth and the transmission does great. Forward and reverse speeds seem right. The mower blades turns but is a little tight, needs some TLC and grease. I wanted to share the excitement of getting to ride the old horse around and I can see a good cleaning and nice red paint job and new decals in the future for this Charger 10 Automatic. :disgust:
  7. Greg Parnell

    Stumbled across a true Gem

    Thanks, I've downloaded the manual and 1969 is OK too. Camo stud buck in velvet is funny. Something else that's cool is the tires have Wheel Horse on them. They must be originals.
  8. Greg Parnell

    Stumbled across a true Gem

    Hey everyone!! It's been a long search but we have another horse to feed now. My Dad went to a small engine repair shop just to have a look around and stumbled across a Charger 10 Automatic. Wheel Horses like this are rare in my area so we jumped on it. We paid $200.00 for the Charger 10, I thought it was a good deal. The model # is 17041 with a serial number of 518176 We're guessing it's an early 70's tractor but not sure. With the above numbers, could the resident experts tell me what year it is? Anyone have a manual for this they can email to me? I now introduce the new to us Charger 10 Automatic!! I really like this tractor and am looking forward to riding it. There was some sweet little extras that came with it, a Wheel Horse push blade and four sets of grass cutting blades. Here's the push blade. Greg :hide:
  9. Greg Parnell

    In Honor of all who have had cancer

    Great tribute and is very close to my heart. My Mom passed away in July 2010 after fighting multiple myeloma for three years. Thanks.
  10. Greg Parnell

    New 520H

    :thumbs: Looks good
  11. Good reading, reminds me of the many lessons I was taught as I was growing up at home and in church. Sounds familiar to the lessons and stories told in the Bible Now I'm trying to teach the same good stuff to my children.
  12. Greg Parnell


    Great snow pictures and that was a big snow storm.
  13. Greg Parnell

    blizzard in the east

    Hey Everyone!! We had a good snow in Clayton NC too. We got about 6-8 inches of the fluffy white stuff. I don't have a snowblower or blade so the Wheel Horses didn't work but the family had a great time playing in the snow. Here are a couple of photos. From my porch The snowman was glad to see us. They are calling for 60 degree temps this weekend. Can't get over the big temperature changes but it's fun!!!
  14. Greg Parnell

    my tractor

    Merry Christmas Everyone!!!! My favotire part is riding the tractors with my kids.
  15. Greg Parnell

    Home made Chess Set

    Great work on the chess set!!