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  1. Pops

    520h 1989 not running

    Yes, not sure if it works properly
  2. Pops

    520h 1989 not running

    Tractor ran when I bought it, ran very rough. In forward speed it would just creep, reverse was normal. While I was trying to check adjustments with transmission tractor ran out of gas, and I could not get it restarted. Decided to replace gas line and power wash it, could not get fire after this and took the flywheel off. Then I finally realized I was over my head. Tires hold air, I have all the sheet metal which is straight with the exception of a small crease in front hood where it hinges. I bought a used good transmission pump on eBay $170 that I will sell separate or let go with the tractor for a very reduced price. No shipping can be picked up in Louisville Ky. I will ship the transmission pump because it is still in the box I got it in. I have a lot of extra parts that I bought on eBay some used and some new old stock, gauges, new fuel pump, and wiring and other electrical parts. These parts I will ship and do not go go with the tractor at the price I have listed. Hour meter shows 1492 hrs.
  3. Pops

    520h restore

    Trying to find post by Duke “Horse fixer” on his restoration of his 520h. pops
  4. Pops

    Bean , do you still have the ranger belt guard?

    let me know.

    thanks. Jim ( pops)


  5. Pops

    L-156 Ranger belt guard

  6. Pops

    L-156 Ranger belt guard

  7. Pops

    L-156 Ranger belt guard

    Need part number 4962 Assy belt guard for 1966 lawn ranger. contact Jimmorrison@ twc.com
  8. I will be coming from Louisville the night of April 24th, can anyone recommend a motel. Thanks Jim
  9. Scott Received mine yesterday, Wow what workmanship. Anyone trying to decide about purchasing one, should not let one get away. Thanks Jim
  10. scott I want to order the regular hitch, it will be used on a 520h that has a plow attachment but I may want to switch to one of my other 300 series so I also want the plate attachment. For shipping quote my zip is 40245, and how to want me to make payment. Jim