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    1991 244H Toro - Wheel Horse. 42" side discharge deck, rebuilt Onan, repainted 2013 with mix of OEM & VinylGuy's decals
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  1. ToroHorse

    Gear Oil Replacement

    Conversion chart for ISO, AGMA, SAE oils: 40 weight engine viscosity is equivalent to 85-90 SAE gear oil. Gear oils have additives for the high pressures seen in the gear mesh. Hence the awful smell!
  2. ToroHorse

    Carb kit for 244h onan

    Only place I could find the overhaul kit was an ONAN dealer. They're expensive if memory serves me, $100+. Needed a fuel bowl for mine, bit the bullet for a new ONAN carb. Look it up by the TORO part number and they are available. About $200 unfortunately.
  3. ToroHorse

    Wheelhorse 244-H Onan E140V Float Bowl

    Been there myself. Found a used carb on eBay. Search these part numbers, they come up occasionally: Toro's part number is: NN10668 Onan's part number is on this page, and he has several in stock as well: http://onanparts.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_12&products_id=582 I searched for the bowl as well. Impossible to find, onan apparently doesn't sell it, and I never had any luck through thencarb manufacturer Nikki. If it is cracked where the center bolt goes through, I was able to repair it by getting a longer bolt and using a large steel washer with a gasket to seal against the flat bottom of the bowl. A copper gasket for the bolt. Been running fine for the last three years like this.
  4. ToroHorse

    520 floor board mats

    Great website, interesting mix of stuff. Didn't see any Boomerang pattern Formica counter tops though. Finishing a repaint of a 244H, will certainly replace the rubber footrests. A note on one of the parts shown there, the fuse block & terminals. $18.00 there, but it is available from Mouser electronics for $3.77 and $0.29 for the crimp terminals: Fuse block: Mouser Part #: 829-12004943 Terminals: Mouser part #: 829-12020321 Common part used on custom cars etc.
  5. ToroHorse

    Need help finding Onan carburetor parts

    Get the engine model/ serial number and look here: http://onanparts.com/ Send a message if you strike out. He is very responsive.
  6. ToroHorse

    Replacement heavy duty tie rods........

    McMaster Carr has a number of sizes, materials & sealed units. The first link are identical to the original used on many tractors with an added seal on the ball joint. Others are greasable, stainless steel etc etc: http://www.mcmaster.com/#end-links/=m8dgns http://www.mcmaster.com/#end-links/=m8dh2h