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  1. RJR49

    woodruff key problem

    Guys Thanks for all the help. I knew I could count on you. Randy
  2. RJR49

    woodruff key problem

    Dave, Thank you for the pictures. They confirm that I'm a dumb a_ _. I took it apart because the tab broke off the end of the shaft. There wasn't a trace of weld on the end nearest the Woodruff key, and there seemed to be a trace on the other end so you know what happened. The reason it got stuck was because the woodruff key couldn't get past the threaded collar. I already took the tab off, now I have to make a new one, and put it on the right end. I don't have a welder so I'm thinking that I'll braze the new on. The tab is about 90 degrees from the key. Very much like Dave's picture but it doesn't seem that critical. I'm going to put it back that way but I'm wondering how fussy I need to be. Anyone have thoughts on that, or brazing? Last question. Isn't there a brass bushing on the other end of the shaft? Steve is correct. She's not home. The tractor is mostly a 1975 C-160. But, some of the sheet metal is off other C's that I have owned. Plus one of Matt's foot pedals simply modified for C's. I can send the details to anyone interested.
  3. RJR49

    woodruff key problem

    I booked down and took it apart. The spring was slightly off center but it appears that the woodruff key is on the open / spring side of the shaft. I'm thinking that it should be on the plate side. Full disclosure I eelded it there. But, the other end has no trace of ever seen a weld
  4. Trying to put it back together after repairing the frame. Never had a problem with this before but the woodruff key will not go past the washer as shown in this picture. I'm guessing that I'll have to take it apart to see whats hanging it up but if anyone has experienced this I would appreciate your incite.
  5. It occurred to me a few minutes after I hit send that Google probably has the answer. Sure enough there are commercial fittings available, as well as a home made rack you drive over. The discussion that followed some of the posts suggested that a high pressure stream of water would not only clean the deck of grass, but also clean it of grease. Good thought! I know the spindles on my C-160 are not sealed and would likely ingest water.
  6. New tractors and mowers have a fitting to hook up a garden hose. I'm pretty anal about only mowing when the grass is bone dry but I'm thinking about making a flush fitting for mine. I'm thinking that a half round nozzle with holes to direct the spray. I'm wondering if anyone has already tried it, and has some advise
  7. RJR49

    Last Year for Hydrostatic

    I would beg you to consider a C-160 Hydro. I've owned quite a few Wheel Horses and for my money, and many others, it's the best one ever made. A big plus is the snow blower capability. The C-161 is very similar but they hid the hoses with sheet metal so it's a little harder to work on.
  8. I thought about using AvGas but am under the impression that 100 Octane is too much for small engines. $5.00 / gallon for Ethanol free is cheap. At most hardware stores it's nearly $5.00 / Qt! I am willing to pay that price for engines I don't use much. I'm willing to pay it to avoid some of the Ethanol disasters I've had. Interestingly, only in carbureted motors. The fuel injected motors in the boats and cars I've owned never had a problem. True it gets used more quickly in cars. But the boats sit for a few weeks, periodically, during the boating season, and my Corvette doesn't get used much during Connecticut winters.
  9. Are they any quieter than OEM? I would like to mow without sound suppressors if I could
  10. My oldest Son says that the cost of your stupid mistakes is the stupid tax. In my (latest) case I left bushing #6229 in the frame after I took 10237301 loft arm assembly off the tractor (why I took it off was an earlier tax payment). They are cheap enough from Jack's Small Engine, but my lawn needs mowing, and I can make one in my shop tomorrow. I made a sketch which should be fairly accurate but if anyone knows the real dimensions for the bushing I would appreciate the help BTW I have the double pulley from a 1045 vintage PTO if anyone wants it bad enough to pay the postage. It fits a 1" crankshaft
  11. RJR49

    C160 hydro

    Mine is a 1975! No problem with snow in Connecticut although I did take the wings off the blower
  12. RJR49

    Landed a 520H finally

    You MUST use a center drill. A drill press might work but I would beg someone to lend a Bridgeport type mill. A hand drill WILL NOT work. An endmill would be better. In any case, even with a Bport you will need to fixture it to hold it vertical. Check out what a pro would charge. It might be less than you think. If your in Connecticut I might be able to help
  13. What information do I need to provide for a set of hydraulic hoses for a 1975 C-160

  14. Much simpler to install on a C-XXX than one of the later models. You need Matt’s pedel but the other parts you can make. Email me and I’ll send drawings. Matt you are welcome to them if you want to make a kit for C-XXX tractors
  15. RJR49

    Best model for parts availability

    I’ve had everything from a 1045 to a C-160 and I don’t think you can go wrong with a 160. It might be overkill for some folks but it’s better to have and not need, than to need and not have. I prefer the C-XX0’s over the C- XX1’s because the hydraulics are easier to service, and some of the internals are easier to access