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  1. Triangle sign limits you to 20 mph. I have a couple of trailers, horse, and flatbed. I buy plates for the horse trailer which i bought new. I switch them to the flat bed which was home built and farm used for many years and never had a title. I reason that since i can only have one trailer on the road at a time all is fair. Have never had a problem hope i never do.
  2. mulerrich

    plow wings

    Yes, they work pretty well. I can push a lot more snow without losing a lot out the side Easy to make and mount, but not as elegant a solution as those neat metal ones.
  3. mulerrich

    plow wings

    Made some new plow wings for the B-8 from an old plastic barrel. These are a little be larger than the ones i made last year and really help hold the snow in from the edge of the blade. The new ones are green. Fastened with one bolt behind the wear bar and rubber edge. I still have to hook up the led head lites that i installed and the winch that i want to get to lift the blade,
  4. mulerrich

    1972 electric ram install

    That electric lift looks interesting. I spent today plowing with my B-80, and lifting the plow is getting to be a real chore. Is there an actuator for the B-80? If not has anyone made one themselves. Thanks in advance for the info.