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  1. jeremi3210

    953 transmission out again 3rd time lol

    Yes. That is what you have to make sure clears. It isn’t much you have to take off. Just make sure after your done it doesn’t bind anywhere in a full turn. Other than that you will have to grind slots in the axles for snap rings. I know the 953 axle are different lengths and the 8 pinion axle are the same length. All I did was put the in so they were close to the same and put one of the hubs in a little to make up the difference.
  2. jeremi3210

    953 transmission out again 3rd time lol

    No photos or measurements, sorry. From what I can remember it was about a 1/4 inch off the side of the bull gear where the drive gear for it splines stopped. I did it with a 90 degree die grinder and a sanding disk. It didn’t take very long just grind a little and try to fit it. You have to make sure that it won’t bind at all so just take your time and some trial fits. If my memory is right there was a post on here a few years ago that had pictures of doing this.
  3. jeremi3210

    953 transmission out again 3rd time lol

    Mines still going strong!!! It’s awesome to have hi low on that tractor. Right now Iam making a custom set of tiller pulleys so I can use my tiller on it! If you have any questions about how I did mine Iam here to help you out any way I can.
  4. I have a 1998 Toro/Wheelhorse 520 5xi tractor, mower deck, front blade, bagger with 4 bags, wheel weights, 2 sets of chains, cab and 2 stage snowblower I'll be selling as soon as the leaves are done. I have all manuals and can provide hours on unit and pics, if you're interested. I'm in Hayward, Wi.

  5. jeremi3210

    Wanted 16 hp or bigger hydro with hydro lift

    Iam looking for a 16hp or bigger wh hydro with hydro lift. Needs to be close to central Wisconsin. Pm if you have something. Would prefer a 4 or 5 series.
  6. jeremi3210

    Hl-5 lights

    Yes! My camper is already up there and I will be on Thursday morning! Iam bringing Up my narrow front and my 702 to ride around on! Definitely will have to meet up!
  7. jeremi3210

    Hl-5 lights

    I would be pm some pics and prices when you can.
  8. jeremi3210

    Hl-5 lights

    Yes!!! That’s what iam looking for.
  9. jeremi3210

    Hl-5 lights

    I’ve got a original I believe to be nos hl-5 light bracket I want to install on my 702 but iam missing the lights. My question is where would some be found or what are being used when original ones ar not available?
  10. jeremi3210

    Deck conversion

    Let me know if this works! Iam thinking about trying it on the one that I have.
  11. jeremi3210

    Deck conversion

    I’ve got the same rear discharge deck but I don’t have the hanger bracket off a rd deck, my question is can a side discharge hanger be used or is it different?
  12. http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/topic/56613-1276-trike-mod/?do=findComment&comment=524352 here is a link that has a older picture of it.
  13. I will Try to get some tonight. The one I have is to big to load up.
  14. That’s is what I built mine out of. I used 8 inch narrow rims and extended the frame a little out the front for clearance. I hooked it up to the steering wheel with roller chain a bearing and a small u-joint on the shaft. Been using it for almost three year now pretty much daily and never had any problems with it.
  15. jeremi3210

    Wanted Gt14 tiller

    No plans on heading that way. But thanks anyway.