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  1. mikemc53

    Onan P216 Fuel Pump

    Perfect. Removed the coil and loosened the end covers and got the side cover off enough to get to the line to the crankcase. They had only plugged it closed so I hooked up the new pulse pump and it runs like a top. Thanks!
  2. mikemc53

    Onan P216 Fuel Pump

    Have a 416H with theP216 Onan. Someone had replaced the pulse fuel pump with an electric, which eventually burned out. I was thinking of going back to the pulse pump because I have one but I cannot find a way to get to the crankcase breather to hook it up. The holes are there in the cover but I can't get the cover off to get to where the breather/pulse line would go into the crankcase. Any help appreciated.
  3. mikemc53

    Removing PTO clutch

    I want to remove the PTO clutch on my C-81 and not sure what I'll need, tools-wise. It looks like snap ring pliers to start with but after the outside snap ring is off, what comes next? Thanks gang.
  4. mikemc53

    Pushing a 416H

    How do I get to crankcase line? Basically what needs to come off? I can't figure how to get the "cover" off that surrounds the flywheel. I removed some bolts but it isn't budging. Thoughts?
  5. mikemc53

    Fuel Pump Onan 16hp

    OK, a couple of things: The tractor is 250 miles away and I won't be going down for another couple of weeks but I want to be ready when it's time to work it. It is a 416H but not sure of the year because the tag is worn away. Anyway, this 416H was a field project that my son-in-law got running a couple of years ago but never really used it and, frankly, it didn't really run that well. Someone had replaced the original pulse fuel pump with an electric which burned out on me last week when I was down there using it. It was just starting to run pretty good when the pump went. I think that this pump was the wrong one from the get go. Hard to read it but it appeared to be for a 6 cylinder and pumped around 30 gph. The tractor was always hard to start and would blow fuel from the carburetor while starting. Once it was running it seemed OK. Anyway, I am planning on replacing with another electric but is there any way to know just what volume the pump should flow? Like I said, I think the last one was a bit much. Thoughts?
  6. mikemc53

    Pushing a 416H

    So the fuel pump (electric) is shot. Will not pump with power to it, at all. It was a replacement and someone had put it right over the spot where the pulse pump was. I haven't decided which way to go on replacement so I have a few questions. The pump that just died appeared to have been wired direct to the ignition - no fuse. It has, as does most electric pumps, one inlet and one outlet. If I replace it with an electric I will likely put it right where this one was but I will fuse the line. If I go with a pulse pump I am a little confused. I have seen them online and they seem to have two inlets and two outlets - not sure what to do with that. Also, the hole in the cover that goes to the crankcase, what would fit in there? I have worked on a smaller mechanical fuel pump on the C-81 but not familiar with these double line pumps.
  7. mikemc53

    C-81 cutting issues

    Where is the best place to get the new friction surface and is it easy to change out? Could I possibly use one from another WH?
  8. mikemc53

    C-81 cutting issues

    Thanks gang. i tightened it up and it made the difference - I should have remembered that from a few years ago. The trunnion is at the very end of it's adjustment on the very last thread. What happens when it needs adjustment later on?
  9. mikemc53

    C-81 cutting issues

    OK, so I noted earlier today that I just got a 416H that is in need of some work - separate issue. Since the 416 is not working and I have a real nice C-81 in need of a mower deck I took the deck from the 416 and put it on the C-81. Now, I haven't cut grass with the C-81 in a few years but it gets used regularly to push snow and work around the yard - runs like a top. Having a problem cutting though. It seems that with very little resistance the blades want to stop. The engine does not slow, or bog, but the mule drive pulley will slow and then stop, Now I know that the C-81 is only an 8 HP compared to the 416H but I used to cut with it before, pretty well. Could it be the mule drive itself? Not sure how those things work but wondering if that could be a problem. Spins the blades fine when it isn't meeting any resistance. Tightened the belt but it doesn't appear to be slipping, just the pulley slows then stops. Thoughts?
  10. mikemc53

    Pushing a 416H

    They had actually replaced the fuel pump with an electric one and it has stopped working. I am going to go back to a mechanical, if at all possible. My son-in-law would run it occasionally to keep things honest but there is a lot that needs to be done to clean it up.
  11. mikemc53

    Pushing a 416H

    Thanks guys. Got it towed...very slowly. It worked pretty well. I believe it might be the fuel pump. My son-in-law replaced the original with an aftermarket that didn't really seem to be right. It is in the wrong location, seemingly a bit far from the tank. It was pumping really hard before and there seemed to be too much fuel, initially. It is now not pumping at all. When replacing it does anyone know where the original went and maybe what to replace it with? Also is there a recommended distance from the tank (or the carb) that it needs to be?
  12. mikemc53

    Pushing a 416H

    Just got a 416H from my son-in-law that he's been holding for three years waiting for me to make room for it. It is pretty rough but it runs and was free. Cut some grass with it and it runs really strong and cuts pretty well. Hard to start and spits gas through the carb when doing it but this morning it started up easy and went to cutting. Got part way through the lawn and it sputtered and stopped, like it was out of gas. I had just filled it so that is not the case but I will need to figure out what it is. In the mean-time, if I don't get it running I'll want to pull it back to the barn. I'm not familiar with this hydro unit or where the relief valve might be to allow me to push or pull it. I believe it's an Eaton unit. Any help appreciated
  13. mikemc53

    mower deck needed

    Need a decent mower deck for my 1978 C-81. Had the rear discharge but it's been swapped out onto my B-100 that is 250 miles away.
  14. mikemc53

    Belt Help

    Does anyone know either a replacement belt number or, better yet, the size of the belt for the PTO to mower deck on a 1974 B-100? I know I could pull it and just measure but if I can get a number or two without going out to the barn it would help. Thanks, Mike
  15. mikemc53

    C-81 No Start

    I think I got it cleared. Started at the output of the fuel pump and found I was getting no gas. The input line had gas in it so I decided it was the pump. Took it off and things were pretty dirty but I didn't take it apart (at first) but just played with the activator arm and could hear the diaphragm working so I cleaned up the outside and put it back together...no fuel. So I took the pump off again and this time decided to take it apart. Cleaned both screens and any ports and played with the gasket, a bit (though it really should be replaced) and put it back together. Pumping fuel like a sonofagun now. Not sure what caused it to stop except maybe some clogs - also noticed that every fitting and screw was loose, which can't help when you're trying to push fuel with air that is escaping out of any loose connection. Anyway it started up and ran like a champ - which it has always done. I will get either a rebuild kit or an electric pump to have on hand, just in case. This tractor has always been a real easy start, even in the winter, with very little cranking required. My B-100 is a bit tougher to start but I have to give it credit since it sits in a tougher climate for much longer periods between uses and it still runs when I need it. Thanks for all the help guys. I don't get around here much but when I do it is always fun. Take care.