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  1. 608KEB

    I was sooooooo tempted.....

    I have one question. Why?
  2. 608KEB

    It's Tillage Equipment Tuesday!

    Well, its a start!
  3. 608KEB

    520 steering

    You are right on the money! I did this to my 1994 520H 4 years ago. I think I had about 4 1/2" of play. I reduced it to around 2".
  4. 608KEB

    12 HP Kohler compression question

    Thank you, I read through it. Am I going to have to take the engine apart to fix this? The manual says the ACR is on the cam shaft?
  5. 608KEB

    12 HP Kohler compression question

    Could someone post a picture as to where the ACR is located on this motor? I did not find it in the manual.
  6. I would still check your ammeter connections.
  7. 608KEB

    12 HP Kohler compression question

    I'll check it and report my findings
  8. 608KEB

    12 HP Kohler compression question

    It won't turn over because of pressure that has built up in the cylinder. If I take the plug out. It'll turn over no problem. If I put plug back in it starts right up.
  9. 608KEB

    12 HP Kohler compression question

    I was wondering if it had a ACR. Where is that located. That would be the first thing I should check.
  10. I bought a 1999 WH 312-8 last winter for my father. When starting it if it kills. When he tries to restart it. It won't turn over unless he removes the spark plug to relieve the built up compression. The engine has the OHV. How can we fix this?
  11. 608KEB

    520-8 vs 418-8

    Yes sir!😃
  12. 608KEB

    Side Shot Saturday !!

    Whoa! The "Magic Shed"!!!
  13. 608KEB

    520H hour meter doesn't work

    No, I never did figure it out. I put a new oil pressure switch in. I didn't know how to test the switch. To see if it opened and closed properly. It's supposed to open between 2 and 5 lbs of oil pressure. The hour meter does work as it should now. So it wasn't grounded. But when I turn the key to on, the oil pressure switch light does not flash.
  14. 608KEB

    PTO clutch plate blew apart

    The disc on the left is from my 520H. Disc on right is from my C-100.