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  1. 608KEB

    B Series Wheels

    I watched your you tube post about attaching the plow on your 520H. You took the mower deck belt off the mule drive. Why didnt you just push the pin in and take off the tac-a- matic mule drive? I was just curious.
  2. 608KEB

    Ready for the storm

    You got er rigged up!
  3. "Farmer Welds"? That hurts!
  4. 608KEB

    I tried to downsize

    I'd like to come to your plow day. But, I organic grain farm and am busy plowing and spreading chicken poop! I hope you get over it.
  5. 608KEB

    K241 Engine oil pan.

    I"m looking for a correct engine oil pan for a K241 Kohler block. It's for a 1974 B-100. I would pick up locally.
  6. 608KEB

    I tried to downsize

    I have one WH LSE. #143. 398 hours. I'm not looking to downsize anymore. I just wanna keep what I have. When I bought the LSE, I also picked up a 1995 520H with 92 hours. I just cleaned the carburetor a couple of weeks ago! They both run excellent. I felt guilty about using both tractors. So I put them on a shelf for now.
  7. 608KEB

    I tried to downsize

    I haven't bought any Garden Tractors in more than 3 1/2 years. I still Love the Wheel Horse's. I was running out of room.
  8. 608KEB

    48" Mower Deck

    I'm going to try silicone caulk. I'll post a couple pictures. It should flex somewhat.
  9. I'm putting together my 48" mower deck. I was looking for a few opinions on a idea I have. I wanted to try a 30 year caulk between the deck and the support plate. Caulk around the outside edge and the spindle openings. Has anyone tried this with success? If you look at the deck. You can see all the pitting that is underneath the support plate. The deck was bead blasted and painted with a gun.
  10. 608KEB

    1999 312-8 compression relief valve question

    The ACR is not working. I will have to take motor apart to get to it.
  11. 608KEB

    1999 312-8 compression relief valve question

    So, I went on Google and YouTube. I read up on these motors. I would rather have a K series or Onan motor! Seems like these motors are problematic.
  12. 608KEB

    1999 312-8 compression relief valve question

    I'll check it out.
  13. 608KEB

    1999 312-8 compression relief valve question

    It looks like the exhaust valve is moving fully up and down. If the ACR is not working. Does this mean I have to disassemble the engine? Silly question, but thats what it looks like.
  14. 608KEB

    1999 312-8 compression relief valve question

    Thanks guys for the inputs. I'll check these things out today. I'll report my findings.