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  1. Bob, you can "buff" the writing off of the tires with a flap disc on a grinder. It works GREAT!
  2. Looks GREAT Charlie!
  3. It is a "B" (400), but same diff... a little shorter and a few less cubic inches (for now)...
  4. Thanks fellas! Your words are quite inspiring... what can I say, I love doing what I do!
  5. Hey, I haven't been here for awhile, so I figured I better check in.... Still playing with the horses. I finally finished my Dodge Brothers hot rod, so I'm getting ready to build a couple new horses! Here's the build on the DB, from the beginning... http://www.ratrodsrule.com/forum/showthread.php?t=26759
  6. bell

    Building a Rat

    I got a LOT done this weekend! Started with the bracing for the big chop... Working by yourself, you come up with the craziest ideas to get the job done... With a couple 2x's, a ratchet strap and the chain hoist, I was able to lift and support the top so I could finish cutting.... Here it is... Heavily tacked and ready for finish welding/grinding... Aired out... A little height perspective... (I'm 6'1") I also made and welded the roof support crossbars (1"x1" square tube) and I'm ready to finish framing out the floor and transmission/ driveshaft tunnel. That's all for now, JB
  7. bell

    Building a Rat

    More progress!!! I decided that I'll be using the top section of the hood (after I add 12" to it... lol), so I had to lower the front crossmember about 3". (The hood would have ran "uphill" towards the front of the car) I made a new crossmember, but forgot to take a pic of it.... I'll try to get one next time I have the radiator/ shell off. Anyhoo, here's the old crossmember coming out. And the modified shell... All mounted up... I cut about 1/4" too much off of the shell and it was rubbing the top of the radiator... So, I made the mounts out of 1/4" plate and have clearance now!
  8. bell

    Building a Rat

    Thanks fellas! Okay, I woke up early today and had enough time before work to play in the shop... The big block is ALIVE!!!! I had never heard it run and bought it on a guy's word that it ran well.... Well, It does! It runs FANTASTIC! It runs soo well that I can't see doing a rebuild on it... NO smoke, NO unusual noise! I'm going to tear it down and clean it up, replace all gaskets, slide in a big(er) cam and run it! I have a video on my phone, but not sure how to put it on here.... yet.
  9. bell

    Building a Rat

    It's almost ready to fire, but not quite. I ran out of steam after 20-25 hours on the headers... lol I started the weekend out with these... A new pair of Speedway cones. And a pair of slightly used Mopar B-Body headers. I cut the flanges off and used the pieces of the primary tubes to make the new primaries... A lot of careful guesstimation told me where the holes needed to be, so I cut them out with a holesaw... Here's where I got im my groove and quit taking pictures... A finished pic or three... This evening, I made a temporary oil pressure gauge/ign. switch panel, mounted the ignition box and called it a night... I should be able to get it fired up sometime this week... Until next time, JB
  10. I wouldn't give up on it just yet... I see you have a mig welder. I would get some sheet metal in the same gauge as the original, and rebuild the fenders... only taller. I think it would look great! I would also keep an eye out for a 8speed transmission and do the swap when your 3-speed gives out. The bolt patterns are different (where the transmission bolts on), but it should be fairly easy to redrill the case, or the frame to make it work... Good luck and keep us posted!
  11. bell

    Building a Rat

    Also got my radiatior... It's from Champion cooling systems. They are VERY reasonable and make lots of different sizes. This one is a "t-bucket" radiator and is 3 row, all aluminum. Came with the electric fan for just over $200 shipped! Tomorrow is my last day of vacation... I'm going to pull the engine and transmission and put the torque converter in... Then, I'll try to get it fired up!
  12. bell

    Building a Rat

    I've been working on the DB again! The rear suspension is done! Ride height (there is about 2 or 3 more inches of "up" for speedbump mode... lol) Aired out... Also finished up the transmission crossmember...
  13. I bought a new plasma cutter and decided to re-vamp my welder cart... I spent WAY too much time on it, but... once I get an idea, I can't let it go... I used 5" racing go-kart wheels and tires that I found on ebay... I could have bought the hubs, but what's the fun in that? lol So, I made some out of pipe flanges and d.o.m. tubing with garden tractor bearings... Probably overkill, but it sure does roll nice! I used a Suburban front axle with some heim joints for steering... Here it is all loaded up and ready for throwin' sparks!!! Tomorrow morning, I'm going to clean the shop and re-organize a bit... Then, the Dodge Brothers comes back in! I'm off all next week and have a PILE of parts I've been collecting for it, so I hope to make some progress.
  14. bell

    Project PK....

    Thanks Stephen! Here's a few pics of the modified (60") Wheel Horse dozer blade...
  15. bell

    Project PK....

    It's been awhile, and I didn't take any more pics along the way... I've been working ALL of my days off, for the past month or two to get it done... Here it is! I delivered it today, along with a modified WH blade that I adapted to it, so dad can push snow with it... He's in love! He's probably driving it around right now... lol Now it's time to reclaim my shop and get back on the hot rod project!