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  1. dw753

    Started belt guard and the belt guard

    $50 plus shipping from a plymouth, Indiana
  2. I am in the process of helping Thomas V round up some horses that are going to Denmark. I wanted to take this chance to ask if anyone needed any parts I am sure we can work something out. Any bigger items would have to go through Thomas. As you can imagine it is quite the expense for Thomas so he would need to compensated accordingly. feel free to PM with needs and I will work with Thomas before a price is given.
  3. Guys I'm struggling on my phone to respond to messages I'll sit down tonight and get all them responded to. Texas Tod I'll have to measure one but they weigh 50lbs
  4. Wheel Horse REPRODUCTION TOMBSTONE WEIGHTS **** Read information please I have attempted to take care of most of the questions but I am sure I missed some so please ask I Am taking PRE-Orders for these tombstones. To secure pre-order price you must message me and and pay a deposit of $100 per tombstone. I will be using a PayPal account made only for these tombstones to help me keep track. All Pre-orders need to be in by AUGUST 31,2017. Once that deadline is here I will be placing an order which is not a cheap endeavor and will require plenty of my own money. The quote I have received says 4-6 weeks to Complete the order once it is placed. So on a safe deadline each and every weight will be shipped by October 31st. If there is a deviation from this deadline I will make everyone aware. Shipping will be $15 PER Tombstone they weight approximately 52-53 lbs and I should be able To get them in a medium flat rate box. Now to the Price Pre-Order Price EFFECTIVE UNTIL 8/31/17 NO Handle - $200 Handle - $225 After 8/31/17 NO Handle - $225 Handle - $250 BRACKETS SHOULD BE AVAILABLE I have an original suburban and Rj style that I will be having copied I have access to an original GT-14 style that held 2 tombstones that I can get copied I will get pictures of the single style that I can have made BRACKET PRICES ARE YET TO BE DETERMINED A Refundable deposit of $100 is required I'm not going to keep anyone's money if you find a real one or need the money back just let me know. FORMS OF PAYMENT ACCEPTED PAYPAL OR MONEY ORDER Money Orders should be sent to in the mail and you will receive an email confirmation of the money order being received PAYPAL FRIENDS AND FAMILY AND MONEY ORDERS JUST THE $100 deposit PayPal goods and services will require 3% added paying with this method allows you to dispute the transaction if there is a problem so $103 this also applies if you choose to use PayPal and want me to send you an invoice to make it easier PayPal email address to use is derek_workman@yahoo.com If you have no idea how to do either of those and want to use EBAY I will accommodate but it will cost 15%. I am using this method as a last resort it's cost 13% to use this method but I'm going to list them their for 15% over Again please ask questions I'll do my. Eat to answer them. Please understand that I am working with a lead time given by the manufacturer where I am sure that my small order is t of the same importance as regular customers
  5. dw753

    Wheel Horse 520H Three Point

    To where?
  6. Wheel Horse Homemade three point was on a 520H $250
  7. Brand new lighter $60 plus shipping
  8. Wheel Horse Seat Back has been recovered but they didn't staple the back $80 plus shipping
  9. Wheel Horse Lawn Sweeper separating at a couple seams but fixable probably one of the nicest originals I've seen $150 will ship fastenal
  10. Drag Very Similar to Wheel Horse if it isn't can't say for sure needs work $50 Walk behind or slot hitch cultivator $80 Brinly Spring Tooth Cultivator $150 Slot Hitch Cultivator $100 Slot hitch moldboard plow $80 Brinly Dougle Disk needs some tightening up and couple discs are chipped but overall nice condition $160 Brinly Moldboard one bottom plow $150 all located in Plymouth, IN will ship everyone of them through fastenal
  11. dw753

    Wheel Horse NOS Parts

    $75 for everything to abide by the rules if you want just one or two small things ill price individually Look through the pictures if there is something you need pm me and ill get you a price. Im just going to look at parts tree must of this stuff is common some stuff isn't. Just thought i would give you guys a chance to pick through it before i list the lot on eBay. will ship this is a bunch of small stuff like springs for the deck seat spacers , spindle bearings etc will ship or pick up in Plymouth, Indiana to abide by the rules $75 buys it all
  12. Changed Status to Closed
  13. Changed Status to Closed
  14. dw753

    Lot #2 of NOS Parts

    3-Blade Kit for 42" part number 106636 $40 NOS 520-h Muffler Heat Shield $60 Shifter Parts 7213 7214 3517 116636-03 $50 106071 42" Deck Pulley $60 108917 throttle knob $5 110147 Double pulley 48" deck $50 114024 Decal Indicator Light $20 92-7103 or 104974 Idler Pulley $25 106067 Spindle cups $5 each 113466 Fuel Gauge $50 92-7101 Idler Pulley $15 will ship or local pick up Plymouth, IN