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  1. fordnut

    My Saturday haul

    Went and picked up this c101 yesterday from its original owner. It came with a deck snow cab, snow blower, and two sets of tire chains for $350. It was on that offer up site for almost 4 months!
  2. My Jeep (or as I should say Heep) has been problematic since mile #17 to 10,000. Decided to trade it in on a '18 F-150 3.3L 4wd. The black '77 is running strong with its Blueprint crate engine and 4 speed top loader. It hauls horses like nothings behind it! We will have to see how the new one does!
  3. I just picked this 1979 F-350 crew cab long bed 2wd that has sat for over 20 years. I originally picked it up for interior parts for my F-100. It has a fair amount of rust. It has a electric over hydraulic dump bed and a 400m and c6 automatic. Too put back on the road or let go? Hmm.
  4. I've always liked the '72-'79 ford trucks (especially the split grill's). I searched locally for a while now and unfortunately all of the Ohio trucks where too far rotted out. I picked this neat 1977 F100 Flareside short bed up out of Mississippi. It sat in a barn for about 20 years. (the squirrels where nice enough to make nest's everywhere including the a/c duct work). After inspecting and replacing multiple things it is almost ready to be put on the road. It has a 351M and a 3-on the tree. Power brakes, trailer hitch, and new bed floor are coming soon.
  5. fordnut

    Hauled in a horse and deere

    Cleaned the Deere's carb and charged the battery and it runs like a top!
  6. Scored a rough c121 with 42" blade and 36" sd deck for $200 and a running '71 jd 120 with 48" deck for $200. The 8 speed out of the c121 is going in one of my b80's and the jd's going to be up for sale.
  7. fordnut

    New Horse Hauler

    The jeep pulls the trailer with ease and a lot better than the truck did. I put a lot of work into the truck (over $7k in parts and me supplying the labor) but it had been burning a little over 3 quarts of oil in the span of 5,000 miles. When the trans decided to let go it was the straw that broke the horses back. I'm crazy about Ford trucks but the price of the new trucks and insurance on them is ridiculous for someone my age (20). The jeep fit the bill when it came to replacing the truck in regards to the options I wanted.(crank windows, manual transmission, manual transfer case, and the insurance is reasonable). It's not a truck but it's a fun little ride that can haul a horse!
  8. After 3 1/2 years of using my '00 sierra 1500 (5.3L v8, 4.10 gears, 4x4) for hauli'n it became time to trade her in due to the 3-4 clutch pack in the 4l60E deciding to go at 110k. The new hauler is a '17 Jeep JK sport with the 3.6L and 6 speed manual trans. the trailer is a carry-on 6x12.
  9. fordnut

    2015-2016 plow fleet!

    Got all of the plow's and Ag's on this year's plow fleet, ready for snow!
  10. fordnut

    This weekends score!

    I have been watching craigslist for a while now and there has not been any decent priced tractors in my area. I saw this one and sent the guy a email about it and immediately got a response back. I Hitched the trailer to the truck and went out to get it! only paid $350! It is a 416-H with hydraulic and a 16hp kohler magnum and it came with a side discharge and rear discharge deck and a snow plow. I think the hood has been replaced because it has 416-8 on it but it is a hydro. Any idea on what year it is? mod# 311k803 and ser#21522.
  11. A few days ago I was on craigslist and found this little B80. The owner said he was cutting grass with it and it just quit. I went and looked at it yesterday and I handed him $200 for it. I loaded it up on the trailer and got it home and looked and the key switch plug was loose. I put the plug back on and gave it a jump and it took right off! To top it off it was only about 2 miles from home and it came with a full tank of fresh gas. This makes 7 horses for me and only 1 for dad.
  12. Last week I picked this '96 520-H up for $300 at my local Toro dealer. It had been owned by an electrician and the wiring was a mess! We had to replace the fuse block and sections of the wiring harness. It runs good but it has an exhaust leak. Do you guys think I scored a good deal?
  13. fordnut

    What I worked on yeterday and today

    You might want to try http://www.daveysjeeps.com/index.html for your grille, they have tons of jeep parts!
  14. Me and my dad (horse700special) picked up this little 1965 lawn ranger for $75 last winter. We got it home and cleaned the carb and it fired right up!, this was my first attempt at hlvp painting but it turned out pretty good I think! I discovered that this is the tractor in the photos from tractor data .com I think that is pretty neat! http://www.tractordata.com/lawn-tractors/000/3/1/313-wheel-horse-l-155-photos.html
  15. fordnut

    what model tecumseh do I have?

    I looked and I cant find any numbers stamped into the block or shroud I know it is a tecumseh because of the carb I have on it is off a vh70.