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    1997 314H modified with a Kohler M16, 520 front end, gear reduction steering, front hubs, 10.50 rear wheels and Matt's motion pedal.
    1988 416-8 (now with an M14)
    48" snow/dozer blade
    42" single stage snow thrower
    2-48" SD mower decks

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    1992 416H
    1990 520H
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  1. Hydro

    Tall Shoot Snow Blower ?

    Thanks Glenn, that wire is meant to keep hands out I think, nothing more. I took mine out. My chute is a little longer than the factory one which I believe is 8". MalMac helped me with photos and someone else too I forget but he posted his on here and we chatted before I made mine. In Canada it was going to be over $50.00 plus taxes of 13%. I don't think the metal cost me $5.00. 22 gauge If I remember correctly.
  2. Hydro

    Tall Shoot Snow Blower ?

    This chute guide does make a big difference.
  3. Hydro

    Tall Shoot Snow Blower ?

    1995/1996 not sure is when they added it. Mine is 1994 and did not come with one. You can buy them from Toro. I made mine and painted it.
  4. Hydro

    Tall Shoot Snow Blower ?

    I did the same thing as MalMac and squonk. By the time I was done $300.00 later it was a good thrower. Bearings, chain and idlers are really important to check. Any lube on the chain and idlers will be long dried up.
  5. That's one awesome looking 416H Jeff. You did a great job. Glad your Dad was pleased with it.
  6. Hydro

    Mowing deck height

    That's always been an issue for me too. There is a method of shimming the guide wheels but I don't believe it adds that much. I would like another inch in my cutting height. I've been thinking about larger guide wheels for the deck.
  7. Hydro

    Carburetor Question

    Thanks Fordiesel69. You have described my 14 to a T. That's exactly what the engine would do under a load with the snow blower. I can confirm both jets are adjustable on the Walboro and I get what you are saying about the oil. I notice the 16 is very fuel rich on start-up as compared to the Walboro. There are times when the exhaust does smell a bit rich. Sounds like there are advantages to both, maybe I should just leave well enough alone and keep the 14 the way it is.
  8. Hydro

    Carburetor Question

    Thanks leeave96. The manual I have to this tractor shows no high speed adjustment but the Walboro on the engine has both a high speed and a low speed which are adjustable.
  9. Hydro

    Carburetor Question

    I've never checked the rpm settings but I've had both to my small engine mechanic and had the carbs done in each. When I bought the 314H I used it for over a summer mowing with the 48" deck and it cut just fine but it was light on power for the 2 stage. I bought a 416-8 and swapped the engines. Both engines run great but the 16 is noticeably louder and vibrates more so now that I have a single stage thrower I'm thinking of switching the engines back and selling the 416-8. IF there was any advantage to using the carb off the 16 I would switch that first. I was under the impression carburation changes due to emission standards might make the older carb more desirable and provide better operation. The one thing I have noticed with the 14 is it does not get down and lug like the 16 or even the little 12 when I had a 312. It will start to lug but then cuts out. This never happens with grass I was thinking just thinking ahead for winter.
  10. Hydro

    Carburetor Question

    I have two Kohler Magnums, a 14HP & a 16Hp. The 14 has a Walboro carb and is a 1997. The 16 is a 1988 and has the original carb which I think is a Carter. My favorite engine for mowing is the 14 because it is quieter and smoother. I do like the added power of the 16. Would the 14 benefit power wise if I switched the carbs? Thanks
  11. Hydro

    96' 520 oil overflow

    My 1990 520 did that a couple of times, never did figure out why. I sold it so don't know if there was a long term issue. The transmission seemed fine.
  12. Hydro

    Wheelhorses & Snow Removal

    I would also suggest the American market place has changed greatly during the evolution of Wheel Horse. Wheel Horse was almost a necessity in rural America with the gardens and way of life after the war. Urban society no longer has the same need for gardens and lives on smaller properties. The life style and the buying culture has changed and with it so has the market. JD has been able to evolve meeting the needs of the consumer as well as the commercial user. Toro has been evolving too but not with Wheel Horse. With all due respect to our beloved little tractors, they lived their day. Many of us are fortunate enough to be able to own them and use them but in reality there is no market today for what they are.
  13. Hydro

    Wheelhorses & Snow Removal

    I've been reading this topic and really it's all about what you want and what you are willing to pay. It's kinda like buying a car or truck. We can always find a way to justify what we want. I've had both Toro's, 2 stage and now the single. Granted the two stage was driven by a Kohler 16 and not the 20 HP Onan. Otherwise my tractor was done out to 520 dimensions. This winter I have logged over 40 hours with my tractor using the plow and now the single stage. I much prefer the single stage. Like Rob has said once the single has a decent amount of snow in front of it, look out, it will really go to work. More than once this winter I have taken on a full driveway with snow above the top of the thrower. I don't care if I throw snow 30 feet or 40 feet. I only need to throw it about 15-20 feet. With the right wind there is never an issue and with the wrong wind sometimes you have to move it twice anyhow regardless of what you have. The 2 stage is 380 lb. stuck out front of a tractor that does not weigh much more than that. It's harder to maneuver and hangs up more easily. Put your front wheels over a 2" drop and see what happens when conditions aren't good. The 2 stage takes up a lot more storage space, it's difficult to install and requires more horsepower to operate using more fuel. We live in a snow belt and have been hit pretty hard this winter too. Here they are saying this has been the worst winter in 30 years. I've had no problem keeping my 300 foot driveway, double and triple wide in some places clear with the single stage. When it comes to the road where the plow has gone by, that's no issue either. Now I can't now go waltzing across virgin snow this time of year blowing a path somewhere and I doubt you could with a 520 and a 2 stage given the powder under the ice and the various layers that have accumulated but even if you could do that my guess is you would not be too long before you break something. When you're into a hard chew there is a lot of flex in the front auger and gear box on the 2 stage. I used to wonder why there was no centre brace to the front gear box. Either one of them will break and the auger chain needs more frequent lube on the single stage but repairs to the 2 stage will be a lot more expensive and not as easy to work on. There will also be a shorter parts support from Toro considering they stopped building the 2 stage in 2001 or thereabouts. In my humble opinion the Toro 2 stage in some ways was actually too big for the tractor.
  14. Hydro

    Best mower deck for 416H

    I had a 416H. No problem with power for the 48SD but they will clog the air intake for the engine so watch it carefully. Especially bad with any dried grass left from the cut before.
  15. Craig, AMC Rules has photos of wider shoes welded onto his skids. If he sees this post I'm sure he will chip in.