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  1. pyroplegic

    Out Front Deck Maiden Run

    Sorry for the resurection of the other mower thread. This is the one I see on my CL. I could see a hazard using a RD deck with this or not so? I get it for undercutting trees and shrubs Does this make the tractor more capable? Will it fully articulate out there? Tip down & up to cut steep hills too? Will this help more like bush hog with taller grasses?
  2. pyroplegic

    Front Mount deck carrier

    not for bush hogging though?
  3. pyroplegic

    Front Mount deck carrier

    One just came for sale on my local CL My question is why hang the deck out front?
  4. pyroplegic

    42" recycler deck options

    thanks this is it
  5. pyroplegic

    42" recycler deck options

    yes that parts kit is not there anymore. and it calls for blade kit 144879 Whats the difference in all these blades? What blades do you suggest ? I was originally curious because of the square carriage bolt holes along the rear edge of the deck.
  6. I'm looking up blades for the 42" rear discharge Recycler deck on my 91-/310-8 and I'm finding different numbers and different looking blades to what I have taken off. I have what looks to be 116840 3 same size blades Local dealer suggests 107983 S//A blade kit over $70 2 similar & 1 longer blade online searching suggestions range from $40-$70 but the part numbers doesn't match either above I'd like a heavy duty mulching blade 1/2 of the property gets borderline bush hog worthy. suggestions? I also found Toro 42" Rear Recycler Kit Part # 86001 I should have this installed on my deck already?
  7. pyroplegic

    Kohler Rebuilding

    I assume you could overbore and stroke a 10 horse into a 12 or more?
  8. Jake! you're my doppelganger, my name's Jake too and my 91 310-8 has the exact same yellow bungie battery tie-down. Good one bro!
  9. pyroplegic

    Clevis install

    Got this from Richmondred01, I felt confident installing it w/o instructions, I guess I put the cable in backwards oops
  10. pyroplegic

    Clevis install

    Got this from Richmondred01, I felt confident installing it w/o instructions, I guess I put the cable in backwards oops
  11. pyroplegic

    Transmission dipstick broken?

    magnet stick blindly fiishhing for about 10 minutes while doing an oil change
  12. pyroplegic

    Transmission dipstick broken?

    Update: Got a piece out! I'm not sure if there's more, the piece I fished out is squared off unfinished & it's not the hashmarked segment of the end indicating H/L. but collectively the dipstick is now closer to 9-10"
  13. pyroplegic

    Transmission dipstick broken?

    how many quarts of gear oil do you put in typically? its a 91 310-8
  14. pyroplegic

    Transmission dipstick broken?

    Why do I wait till the snow is bearing down on us to do this. Today I warmed up the horse, added about a cup of diesel to thin out the old gear oil and ran it in 3rd gear on jack stands for about 20 minutes, I found the drain plug under the axle and drained out what was in there. jacked the front way up to get that last bit of oil out, Yup it looked like milk chocolate, I do have have a bad boot, but it's got a covered run-in so it rarely sees rain. may just be the color of diesel & gear oil. Next added about 2-3 cups of more diesel I got chilled & took a brake and here we are. I'll run it again before draining the fuel oil out, and attempt to blindly magnet fish out that dipstick tip.
  15. pyroplegic

    Transmission dipstick broken?

    well Jerry want to trade?