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  1. decksetter

    clevis hitch lift system

    It helps me!
  2. decksetter

    26x12x12 Tires on WH 522Xi

    Looks like a very tight fit. I know mine shifts around in off camber situations a little, I would recommend lifting or trimming. The other reason is because if you get into mud it will all cake up in there and if you get anything stuck in the tire it will run the risk of hitting the pan when the wheel goes around. Also I like having the extra clearance in case I would accidentally get my hand in there... I'd like to keep my fingers...
  3. decksetter

    26x12x12 Tires on WH 522Xi

    Looks good! I just put 26s on two of my machines last month, the 12" width worked fine on my stock 520H wheels, but they don't flatten the tire out near as much as my other set, which I bought used and already mounted on a set of 10.5" wheels. I think the wheels may be off a cub cadet but they have 6 4 336733 coats of paint so who knows.
  4. decksetter

    Deck Compatibility

    My brother tried a 42sd on his 520H and one of the deck wheels rubbed a rear tire. Maybe there are different models?
  5. decksetter

    520 swept forward axle

    My 90 is forward axle but no gear reduction. Also, 90 is the first year with Toro badges.
  6. decksetter

    20 horse onan smoking

    Actually tomorrow is my anniversary... I don't think my wife would like that!
  7. decksetter

    20 horse onan smoking

    No idea on price. I can set the valves and have it back together in an hour or two, but I've done it 5 or 6 times the last couple of years and I don't pull the heads. I do it all in frame.
  8. decksetter

    20 horse onan smoking

    That "slight miss" is probably the valves working themselves tight. If you don't know when the valves were adjusted, get them done ASAP. I've worked on 5 onans and every single one of them worked its valves so tight the intake valve was held open enough to lose compression. If the valve isn't holding the seat in when it goes through the thermal cycles it will eventually pop the seat loose.
  9. decksetter

    Finally a 520 !

    Wow, you got one of everything almost! That loader will just be to much hassle, you'll have to take it off every time you want to use something else! If you want, I'll fall on the sword and take it off your hands........
  10. decksetter

    520 + 26x12x12 + 60" deck

    Tires were used when I got them and had been cut for pulling, so I think a new set would rub really bad. These clear when just sitting but when driving and the deck shifts around they rub.
  11. decksetter

    520 + 26x12x12 + 60" deck

    Well that's unfortunate. I was hoping the 48 would at least clear. I got my tires used and the wheels are extra wide, so they only hit once in a while. They're dang close all the time though.
  12. Hoping to make it at some point. Glad I don't live far from Portland! I really should have dug my 953 out of the garage to try to sell but that doesn't look like it's happening this week.
  13. decksetter

    520 + 26x12x12 + 60" deck

    I can't be the only one that's done it. Anybody come up with a good solution for the tires hitting the back side of the deck in off camber situations?
  14. My yard seems to be getting soggier every year. Today I put on a set of 26x12x12 ags that I got at a swap meet a while back for cheap. They made all the difference for traction, but now what about the front? I thought about golf cart tires for a bigger contact patch to float over it better, but I'm pretty sure they'll hit the 60" deck well before full lock. What is a good compromise for steering and not tearing up the ground? Anybody make a tri rib in an appropriate size? How do front ags work for steering?
  15. decksetter

    Another way to de-carbon your ONAN?

    I haven't ever decarboned any of my onans. I set the valves without pulling the heads and I always run Seafoam in my gas. Maybe I'm just living dangerously. Every once in a while I do pour Seafoam down the carb while it's running. I think I'll try the water though.